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Obama Satisfies Them

Posted in 2008 Election, 2012 Election, Humor on October 24th, 2012

The Liberals and Progressives are satisfied by Obama, even if they’re not satisfied with his performance or with some of his saner policy decisions.

Obama's like a drug that the Liberals and Progressives are hooked upon
Obama – The Fix That They Crave

The boy’s like a drug to them, feeding their monkeys of ethno-guiltism and oikophobia since he hustled onto the national stage in the 2008 elections.

Don’t lump the “Black Community” in with the White, Leftist addicts. They’re not satisfied by or with Obama… But they’ll vote for him anyway since he chose to be Black.

You also can’t lump those who aren’t supporting Obama so much as making war against the GOP. They’re oikophobic as well but Obama does not feed their need.

And, while they whine about hpw Americans have supposedly “othered” Obama and rant about the alleged “niggerization” of him, it just makes them crave him more and more, like when coca is processed into cocaine or opium into heroin.

The Liberals and Progressives are too far down the addiction spiral to ever have any hope of getting clean on their own. It’s definitely time for an intervention. 😉


Posted in 2008 Election, 2012 Election, Politics on October 11th, 2012

Crybaby Obama - That's all he is; a petulent little boy crying because it's not fair that he's judged by his character and actions.We’re almost four years into the morass of the attempted reign of Obama and the pathetic little boy is still crying and whining and still blaming his predecessors for his difficulties and repeated failures.

Just as a reminder for everyone – Obama didn’t “inherit” the economy from anyone. He asked for it, campaigned for it, spent hundreds of millions of dollars to acquire it, and promised to change it.

If We’re So Racist…

Posted in 2008 Election, 2012 Election, Ethics & Morality, Musings, Politics, Society on September 12th, 2012

KKK American FlagHere’s an uncomfortable and difficult question – If we’re so racist, wasn’t it an act of either rampant evil or gross stupidity to install Barack Obama as POTUS during a time when America and its government absolutely had to pull together?

Put aside your ingrained knee-jerk reaction and actually think about that question for a moment or two or, hopefully, a bit longer.

If America truly is such a racist country and that racism is wholly and solely a “White Problem,” what was anyone thinking by putting a Black man in the White House during a national crisis? If the Liberals, Progressives, and Blacks are right about the American people they had to know that no good would come from such an act, that Obama would accomplish nothing while in office, and that this would further imperil our nation.

If we accept their postulate – though we know the danger of such postulates – that any and all dissent against Obama is because Americans just can’t stand the thought of a Black man as POTUS, then the only question left is whether or not the Liberals, Progressives, and Blacks installed Obama with the full expectation of his being balked at every turn due to racism.

If they knew in their hearts that this would happen, then it was an overt act of evil on their part. It would have to be classed an attempt to destroy America. If, on the other hand, they thought that things wouldn’t go that way and that Obama would be allowed to do whatever he wanted while in office, they were just stupid.

Either way, evil or stupid, if the Liberals, Progressives, and Blacks are right about America being a racist nation, their voting for Obama in 2008 was not done with the best interests of America in mind. That’s something that they really can’t get around or make excuses for.

Why So Serious?

Posted in 2008 Election, 2012 Election on September 4th, 2012

Why So Curious, George?
When Two Selves Come Into Conflict

Could it simply be that Obama is decompensating and his inner self is finally being seen? That would explain the bitterness inherent in the boy’s immediate dive into negative politics and attack in the 2012 elections.

It could instead be a well-though-out out and quasi-Machiavellian example of realpolitik instead though. Obama won in 2008 due to a shift in the demographics of the American electorate. He won on the strength of the turnout of young people and Blacks – and multiple polls suggest that those two demographics are not enthusiastic this time around.

Frankly, once installed in office, Obama utterly failed to continue to be inspirational to those groups who put him in office in the first place. As he can’t run on the strength of his record, trying to inspire key demographics to vote against Romney instead of for himself might be his best strategy to keep his job.

It’s not likely to be a winning strategy though, if that’s Obama’s, his handlers’, and proxies’ actual thought. It didn’t work for Kerry and it likely won’t work this time either.

Shovel Ready

Posted in 2008 Election, 2012 Election, Humor, Politics on July 16th, 2012

Remember back just after the 2008 elections when Obama and the Liberals who were ruling Congress at that time rammed the Stimulus through and spent nearly a trillion dollars of our money on the strength of “shovel ready job?”

Shovel Ready Jobs
Shovel Ready Jobs?

As was to be expected, they failed to find any meaningful number of “shovel ready jobs” and Obama had to tap dance back away from that lie and start talking about jobs that would have supposedly been lost without that massive funding a various pork barrel projects and hand-outs to Democrat voting blocs.

Open Grave
We Found An Opening For Obama And The Democrats

Of course, they did manage to find shovel ready jobs for themselves – digging their own graves. The sooner the American people force Obama and his cronies to fill these openings – metaphorically of course – the better off America will be.