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UK Kowtows to China

Posted in 2008 Olympics on February 10th, 2008

The British Olympics Association (BOA), in a never before matched fit of boot licking, touched their addled pates to the floor before their Chinese masters and removed the basic human freedom of expression from the British Olympic athletes. They have decided to force all British athletes attending the 2008 Beijing games to sign a contract promising not to comment on any politically sensitive issues! Any athlete who refuses to sign away their rights will be forbidden from competing in the games.

Such an order is utterly reprehensible and unneeded. Section 51 of the International Olympic Committee charter already forbids any kind of demonstration, or political, religious or racial propaganda in the Olympic sites, venues or other areas. Simon Clegg, the BOA’s chief executive, seems to be this era’s Neville Chamberlain. Perhaps he’d like to athletes to kowtow to the PRC as well.

Perhaps Clegg doesn’t realize that China’s state-sponsored terrorists – the Chengguan – can’t feasibly reach him in England. Perhaps Mr. Clegg is just in the pay of the Chinese or corporations heavily invested in China. Either way, whether he’s stupid or corrupt, he should be removed from the BOA.

Romney’s Out!

Posted in 2008 Election on February 7th, 2008

Mitt Romney suspended his presidential campaign on Thursday, February 7, 2008. This goes a long way toward clinching Sen. John McCain as the GOP presidential nominee.

I must now stand aside, for our party and our country. If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or Obama would win. And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign, be a part of aiding a surrender to terror.

— Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney’s decision leaves McCain as the frontrunner in the GOP primary race, with Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul lagging far behind in the hunt for voter support, campaign contributions and delegates. Post Super Tuesday McCain led with 707 delegates, to 294 for Romney and 195 for Huckabee. It takes 1,191 to win the GOP nomination at this summer’s convention in St. Paul, Minn.

Chinese Workers Safety

Posted in 2008 Olympics, Humor on February 7th, 2008

The Peoples Republic of China (PRC), in response to disturbing levels of childhood mortality has enacted new safety programs aimed at decreasing the number of deaths among Chinese children. Recently China’s State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) has, in the wake of increased international scrutiny and outrage, become concerned about how such high levels of childhood mortality might effect the image of China.

China’s State Administration of Work Safety has passed new regulations requiring appropriate safety notices to be placed in all Chinese factories in the hopes of alleviating this problem.

Chinese Workers safety Sign

Li Yizhong, China’s Minister of the State Administration of Work Safety admits that the signs may not be enough. There is admitted concern that since the workers duty shifts interfered with pre-school and elementary school schedules, the workers might not be able to read the notices. This could cause the children to continue to embarrass China by dying in inappropriately public locations. With the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and their attendant merchandising opportunities this causes Mr. Yizhong’s administration grave concern.

NOTE: This post was pure sarcasm and should be taken as such; I found the image of the sign on the internet and have no idea of its providence. China’s child labor practices are sadly real though and growing exponentially due to the increased need for workers to produce goods for the 2008 Genocide, Infanticide, Godless, Olympic Games.


Posted in Humor, Politics on February 4th, 2008

Funny Pictures
moar funny pictures

Warning – We throw poo!


Hope For Tuesday

Posted in 2008 Election, Humor on February 3rd, 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008 is Super Tuesday – the day when 24 states with over half the delegates to the national conventions hold their primaries. While the Republican race is interesting this time around, it’s the Democrats who are generating the most interest.

Here’s my hope – unfounded and immaterial as it is – for Super Tuesday:

Snatch! Obama

Hehe – Snatch!

Wouldn’t it be great if Obama snatched “the crown” from Hillary? Will Hillary learn the hard way that she isn’t entitled to be the Nominee?