Hope For Tuesday

Tuesday, February 5, 2008 is Super Tuesday – the day when 24 states with over half the delegates to the national conventions hold their primaries. While the Republican race is interesting this time around, it’s the Democrats who are generating the most interest.

Here’s my hope – unfounded and immaterial as it is – for Super Tuesday:

Snatch! Obama

Hehe – Snatch!

Wouldn’t it be great if Obama snatched “the crown” from Hillary? Will Hillary learn the hard way that she isn’t entitled to be the Nominee?

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6 Responses to “Hope For Tuesday”

  1. The Irritable Elephant Says:

    Love the cartoon. I think that Hillary is the best chance for the Repubs in ’08. But then again, I did some soul-searching and may have decided that four years of socialism under either Billary or Obama will cause the Rs to finally get their act together.

    I wrote about this it this morning, wrapping it in the “Is Ann Coulter right” mantra.


    But this election sucks.


  2. jonolan Says:

    Yes, this elections sucks. I can’t really support any of the candidates.

    I think you’re right that Hillary is the Republicans’ best hope – especially if we manage to nominate McCain as opposed to Romney.

    I have to disagree on the effects of Socialism though. Four or eight years of European style Socialism under Obama is something that the US can recover from – and might convince the Republican party to get back on track. Four or Eight years of Soviet style Socialism under Hillary is not something that we can recover from.

  3. eeyore Says:

    “Yes, this elections sucks. I can’t really support any of the candidates.”
    Wow,I couldn’t agree more…..

    Surely the end is near…..please!

  4. jonolan Says:

    Welcome back, eeyore.

    When speaking of “the end” though, be careful what you wish for. πŸ˜‰

  5. eeyore Says:

    I’m talking about the big one ( ! )

  6. Christy Says:

    Curious but not hopeful.

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