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Warning – We throw poo!


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19 Responses to “Congress…”

  1. aafke Says:

    Finally something political I can understand!

  2. jonolan Says:

    Some truths are self-evident! LOL!

  3. aafke Says:


  4. jonolan Says:

    I meant the truth about Congress being a bunch of chimps. 😉

  5. aafke Says:

    Ah, ok, hum, I’ll believe you, and not think you’re just trying to talk your way out of it.

  6. Tasmaniac Says:

    This pic is so self evident of the Australian Government too
    Luv it 🙂

  7. jonolan Says:

    I’m guessing the chimp-like behavior is true in any government with a Congress or Parliament. Consensus rule seems to lead to poo throwing.

  8. aafke Says:

    Quote from the ”Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy” :
    ”Everybody who wants to rule other people, should never be allowed to do so.”

  9. aafke Says:

    Why doesn’t my avatar show up?

  10. jonolan Says:

    I love the Douglas Adams quote, aafke! It funny yet oh so true.

    Your avatar is not showing up because my blog isn’t hosted by wordpress; it’s on my own servers. I use Gravatars – – so you can freely sign up there and upload your avatar image. It will then show up here.

  11. aafke Says:

    Have done so.
    Nothings happened.

    That quote has been in my mind ever sinds Bush got elected. Don’t know why.

  12. jonolan Says:

    When did you do it? It can take a bit to propagate through the system.

  13. aafke Says:

    oh, just now 🙂

  14. jonolan Says:

    Oh and you have to use the same email addy here as you did for Gravatar.

  15. Christy Says:

    Love it.

  16. UriShare - Congressâ?¦ Says:

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  17. jonolan Says:

    Thanks, Christy!

  18. aafke Says:

    Ah, I used my “trash” e-mail address!

  19. jonolan Says:

    That would explain why the avatar isn’t showing. You can add email addresses to Gravatars if you want.

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