A Digital Ghetto

Dr. Danah Boyd, PhD Here’s a laughable article about the “findings” of a woman, Danah Boyd, who would be equally laughable except that there are fools who would listen to her mouthings.

Dr. Danah Boyd, a Liberal ethnographer who unsurprisingly graduated from University of California (Berkeley), doesn’t seem to like the fact that people who are allowed choices gravitate towards communities of similar interest.

From News.com.au:

A “WHITE flight” to Facebook has turned MySpace into a black ghetto, according to a social analyst in the US.

Danah Boyd said Facebook’s arrival sparked a migration from MySpace of white users, the educated and the wealthy, while non-whites had stuck together on MySpace.

MySpace is owned by News Corp, the parent company of the publisher of NEWS.com.au.

“It wasn’t just anyone who left MySpace to go to Facebook,” Ms Boyd, who works with Microsoft Research New England, told a crowd at New York’s Democracy Forum.

“We might as well face an uncomfortable reality … what happened was modern day ‘white flight’.”

Ms Boyd said MySpace had become a digital “ghetto”.

“The people there are more likely to be brown or black and to have a set of values that terrifies white society,” she said.

Her interviews with American teenagers since 2006 showed that online migration mimicked the patterns of class groups’ movements across cities.

I suppose one has to expect this sort of attitude from a Liberal White woman who was so thoroughly (mis)educated and indoctrinated by UC Berkeley. It’s sad though that she keeps having an audience for her rantings.

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