Simple Climate Truth

I’ll give the Warmists full marks for tenacity. Even in the wake of total failures of every one of the models to match reality and society as a general whole dismissing their alarmism and agenda, they still spend a fair amount of effort and money on preaching Global Warming.

Climate Truth
Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

The simple truth, however, is that their beliefs have more akin to religion than to science. When it comes to climate anyone’s guess as to what is going to happen and why it’s going to do so is as good as anyone else’s. The system is too large, complex, and has too many input variables for mankind to model or predict.

That won’t seemingly stop the Warmists though. They’ve taken their scripture to heart and will remain as staunchly faithful to it as the most devout of the Young Earth creationism. 😉

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4 Responses to “Simple Climate Truth”

  1. Alan Scott Says:


    More important is the question of whether any action by the US to reduce it’s greenhouse gas emissions will have any provable or measurable effect on the climate.

  2. jonolan Says:

    That’s a question that I don’t think we can factually answer since we don’t know how the climate is actually changing or anywhere near all the reasons why it is doing so.

  3. Alan Scott Says:

    The Global Warmers produce these computer models of what the climate will do in the future. They have stopped publicizing short term ones because so many have been proven false. Far better to model the weather so far out that no one can dispute them for now.

    If they were remotely honest they would put out side by side models of climate with no reductions in CO2 and varying reductions in CO2. Then vary the time frame from near term to far out. If the near term forecasts with present day reductions came close to predictions, at least we’d have a starting point to go further.

  4. jonolan Says:

    Yeah, like that would ever happen. The last thing the Warmists are willing to do is actually argue the science of their assertions.

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