Olivia & Lucas’s Father

Wanda Sykes - Black, Dyke, Full of PrideWanda Sykes, very outspoken – that’s the polite way of describing it I’m told – Black activist and Gay activist and sometime comedienne, and her lesbian wife, Alexandra are the presumably proud parents of fraternal twins, Olivia Lou and Lucas Claude, who were born on April 27, 2009.

Despite some people’s fears about homosexual parents, I believe that The Sykeses(?) – if either Wanda or Alexandra are Feminists, as so many lesbians are, do they take the butcher of the pair’s last name? – will be good and loving parents.

Hey, having two moms can be a good thing!

Still, I think that, given the confusion that their children are going to experience as they grow up, they should be introduced to their birth father.

Mr. T. Baster, father of Olivia and Lucas Sykes

Mr. Turkey Baster, titular sire of Olivia and Lucas, has not been identified or located. Sadly it seems that we have yet another irresponsible “Baby Daddy” out there. I’m fairly sure he’ll show up around Thanksgiving though. 😉

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4 Responses to “Olivia & Lucas’s Father”

  1. Momma Bear Says:

    You sir are a disrespectful idiot! It is perfectly fine to have an opinion and to even state that opinion, but before you just open your mouth and let “crap” fall out of it you might want to think about who could be hurt by the words you choose as well as the visual images you post. I’m sure these two children will be OVERJOYED to find out their biological father is a turkey baster and thanks to you they will even have a photo of him to display in a special place in their rooms! JERK!!

  2. jonolan Says:

    Thank you, Momma Bear. I’m glad this post served its purpose then.

  3. Michelle Says:

    I am a straight black woman. I saw nothing wrong with your post. Very funny and entertaining. Some ppl are too sensitive.

  4. jonolan Says:

    True and thanks, Michelle. There are too many people who make something akin to a religion out of being “offended.”

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