On Script, Off Point

It seems that not even NBC, one of Obama’s most loyal shills, can get a straight answer out of the boy to even softball questions about entitlement reform as the talking heads of Meet The Press found out.

Obama – On Script, Off Point As Usual

As always when confronted with any questions that even vaguely resemble being substantive, Obama stayed true the script his masters and handlers provided for him to jabber from, which meant staying firmly off point whenever an actual answer to the question who be more definite and, hence, more open to accountability, than the “Present” for which the boy is so well known.

In many ways it’s amazing that anyone even bothers to ask Obama questions at all.† It’s not as if the boy’s built up a track record of answering them.† It’d make for sense for the few real journalists left in America to simply ignore him and for the MSM to just go forward as they started by giving him feeder lines for his next oratory tap dance performance.


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