Liberal Priorities

You can tell a lot about groups of people by what they are willing to complain about. Often this is a better metric than trying to judge them by what they claim to want or support. Most especially, one can determine what the group in question’s priorities are.

Liberal priorities are for the birds
Liberal Priorities – For The Birds, Not For Americans

Liberal and Progressives priorities are seemingly for the birds, Big Bird in particular, as opposed to Americans and the real economic problems facing them. That can be clearing inferred from their protests and rantings over Mitt Romney saying that he’d like to cut PBS’ funding.

The funny thing is that PBS only gets approximately 15% of its budget from federal subsidies and the Sesame Workshop is a non-profit financial venture with and average of $130 million in annual revenue, almost none of it from PBS.

So, not only are the Liberals’ and Progressives’ priorities contrary to those of Americans, they’re ignorantly misplaced as well.

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