High Pump Prices

A President seeking reelection has a problem when, during an election year, gasoline prices are unacceptably high. In order to keep his job he has to figure out what to do about high pump prices but does have a few simple options.

Obama's Plan For High Gas Prices
What To Do About The High Cost Of Gas?

Of course, in the immediate context, defined as that time between now and the November elections, answer e: Blame George Bush is the only answer that benefits Obama. A cult leader like Obama can’t readily admit that he is irrelevant due to his powerlessness to affect, positively or negatively, gasoline prices at the pump.

Of course, Blaming Bush is also the easiest answer for Obama – for any problem or failing. He doesn’t want to violate the Alinskyian rule of never going outside of one’s experience or that of one’s followers. 😉

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