Campaign Finance Reform

Since America is now in yet another election year, one can expect various cries for campaign finance reform to resound across our divided land. Most of the screaming will come from Liberals and Progressives who will chant, “Koch Brothers! Koch Brothers! Koch Brothers!” while wondering where they left their torches and pitchforks.

The unruly and largely ineffective mobs of Leftists truly hate the Koch Brothers and stridently declaim about how they’ve bought and paid for so many politicians.

Yet, as corporations go, the Koch Brothers’ campaign contributions pale in comparison to others’.


Koch Brothers v. Labor Unions Campaign Purchases
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Over the 23 year span between 1989 and 2012 Koch Industries donated just under $10,000,000 to political campaigns. That’s a fairly significant amount. Yet it is only a fraction of what the larger labor unions contributed to political campaigns during the same time period.

  • The American Federation of Teachers├é┬á paid 3.19 times as much;
  • The Laborers Union paid 3.22 times as much;
  • The Int. Brotherhood of Electrical Workers paid 3.44 times as much;
  • The National Education Association paid 3.70 times as much;
  • The SEIU paid 3.78 times as much and;
  • The AFSCME paid 4.66 times as much.

Indeed, the largest class of expenditures by labor unions is political spending, both direct campaign contributions and other forms of a political backing such as television commercials. Yet, of course, Americans will never hear the Liberals and Progressives bemoan that. Quite the contrary, those are corporations that they laud for “purchasing” politicians.

What even more sad than the by now utterly expected hypocrisy of the Left is the fact that Americans allow them to get away with it. Instead of allow them to shape the conversation as they please, Americans should be in their faces hammering them mercilessly with the truth about campaign contributions.

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4 Responses to “Campaign Finance Reform”

  1. FX Phillps Says:

    No worries Jonolan.

    The IRS is busy officially promulgating regulations to legalize their persecution of viewpoints in opposition to the usurpation of the citizenry being perpetrated by the ruling junta. Of course in the tradition of all third world tin pot banana republics their allies will not be subject to the new regulations.

    Unfortunately the American public has been too dumbed down to tell the difference between “legal” and “legalistic”. Legalistic being it has some of elements of law and process but lacks the underlying legitimacy of being made under the organic rules of legislation.

    Nothing like being allowed to be a judge in your own case, eh? The ruling class really does want violence don’t they?

  2. jonolan Says:

    Oh yes! I describe it as “lawfare” – the wielding of law to achieve and desired effect that benefits one’s self by harming one’s enemies.

  3. Alan Scott Says:

    When dealing with today’s Democrats, one has to remember Americans dealing with the old Communists. The Soviets, the Mao Chinese, the North Vietnamese. Under our dear leader Barak Obama, Democrats think exactly like the old Communists. Truth is irrelevant. Power is everything. To expect a Democrat to keep a bargain is inexcusable on our part.

    Just accept that you are dealing with crooks and liars. They have no conscience. They are ruthless. Packing the courts with left wing robots and killing the filibuster in the Senate is just normal.

    When the political tides finally sweep our way, all of the parasites that have burrowed into the government agencies and the courts, must be purged. The IRS kommisars should be at the top of the list. Not far down would be the EPA Global Warmers who get paid for not coming to work. Then again if they did not work they were the least harmful parasites.

  4. jonolan Says:

    True, Alan!

    One thing to remember is that these Leftists firmly believe that the ends justifies the means if the ends are just…and, of course, that their ends and only their ends are just.

    Americans need to treat them like any other insurgents or terrorists are treated.

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