America, Please Flush

Even in these degenerate times Americans talk a good game about cleanliness and basic politeness and courtesy to those that will come after us. Sadly, Americans seem to talk more than do when it comes to these basic social skills.

America, it's past time to flush the feculent waste products that are the Obama's down the drain
America, Please Flush

My fellow American Ladies and Gentlemen, it time to flush the Obamas down the drain and into the sewers of history where they belong. They’ve been stinking up the nation for too long as it is and we, the People really need to flush them, rather than leaving their feculent effluvia for our children and children’s children to deal with.

Obama’s policies are on the upcoming ballot as are the various Democrat politicians who’ve pandered to the Obamas and who’ve shielded him from reprisals by the People. Remove those sycophants and fellow travelers and we can remove Obama’s policies and the Obamas themselves.

It’s time to flush the slurry of shit and piss known as the Obamas, America!

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    AMEN brother!

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