The Obama Gambit

How can the Liberals and Progressive defeat their enemy, the American people and get their token reelected when, as expected by every American, he has no accomplishment and has shown no merit worthy of being given another chance?

In all likelihood they’ll turn to the same mantra that got Obama elected in the first place.

Call Them Racists
Yesssss! We’ll Call Them All Racists

Expect this and be ready to ignore it. The tired, old canard of racism is the last bastion of the Left and is what they turn to when they have no argument. It’s also the first, last, and only argument of the “Black Community” who never have an argument of substance or worth.

My fellow Americans, no matter how stridently and often in the coming months our domestic enemies call you a racist, ignore them. The threat to America posed by the Liberals, Progressives, and their minority must be respected but they are not worthy of respect in even the least measure. Hence, their opinions should carry no more weight with Americans those of sewer rats and other vermin.

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One Response to “The Obama Gambit”

  1. Elaine Says:

    I have noticed lately that when a few of us decided to just NOT respond to the liberals and the trolls that do nothing but try to agitate people on blogs, they become even more outrageous. It took a great deal of determination NOT to even respond.

    They LIVE for being responded to. So? Take away the attention and I am waiting to see if they just go away. They remind me of mentally ill people who only pull stunts for the sake of attention. I am NOT GOING TO GIVE IT TO THEM…It only rewards them.

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