US Political Parties

US Political Parties
US Political Parties & Their Mascots

Yep! Just as the Democrats have their jackass and the Republicans have their elephant, the “third parties” should have mascot too… the unicorn. It’d be perfectly in keeping with the nature of such things.

Face it, nothing is more appropriate as a mascot for any of the fringe parties, i.e., anything except the Democrats and Republicans, in America than that most fantastic of the fantasy creature, the unicorn since they’ve as much chance of making a measurable difference in American politics as Kim Kardashian does of catching a unicorn.

NOTE: The above is in the context of national politics. Members of any of the various “other” parties in America can and do get elected at municipal and even occasionally state levels.

In my opinion this is fundamentally because there’s no real difference except by degrees of intensity between the parties. Libertarians are essentially just more extreme and less practical versions of Republicans and Socialists and Greens are just more extreme and less practical versions of Democrats. None of them have specific, different agendas and platforms than the “real” US political parties.

Truly! How can they be different from the “Big Two?” Every candidate at the higher levels of politics is expected to have a position and preferably policy on every issue. This means that, unlike Britain and other more parliamentary governments single issue parties can’t exist and all the parties end up coming down on one or the other sides of the fence. This makes any parties other than the Democrats and Republicans extraneous at best, and makes their success a fantasy.

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5 Responses to “US Political Parties”

  1. Alfie Says:

    It also makes our democracy a complete joke. You left out in your post how on a number of issues especially in 2016 the Republicans and Democrats are but two variations of vanilla ice cream.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Yes, I left that part out. The lack of choice on some issues wasn’t the focus of this snark post. The fantasy of third parties was.

  3. Wynne Linden Says:

    Hi, I was looking for an image that represented “political parties”. I loved this image and wanted to see what inspired it. I read the above – I felt like crying. I agree – but I’m not giving up. Part of the problem with 3rd parties is that there is enough road blocks in the way, thank you Rep/Dem’s very much, that even a write-in on a ballot is invalid without following a bunch of rules. Most Americans actually believe they can write in and it will be counted. The other part of the problem is the number of people who buy into the “you are throwing away your vote if you vote 3rd party”. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The number of people who don’t vote because they are told they are throwing away their vote (they’d rather die than vote for Trump/Clinton) are higher than the number of people who actually went to the polls and voted. Only the undecided and non-voters don’t know that because they got the whole world out there telling them they should not exercise their constitutional freedom to vote for whomever they think is the best choice – because that vote will automatically be converted to a vote for the “other” party. I still don’t understand that logic. If I vote for the Green party – a Republican tells me I’m throwing away my vote and I might as well vote for Clinton/Democrat. If I tell the same thing to a Democrat – they’ll say the same thing, except my vote is going to the Republican’s. I only have 1 vote – how can it be in two places at the same time?

    We real Americans…need to get the word out long before the next elections. I’m going to ask you to consider looking at Veterans Party of America. No, it’s not a special group for Veterans. It’s a very viable 3rd party – that has some real potential. You and Alfie up there – seem like sensible people – maybe you could find solace and help the party. 🙂 Thanks, even if you don’t.

  4. jonolan Says:

    Go ahead; keep chasing those unicorns, Wynne. It may be delusional, but that’s part of what’s still right with America; we can and do chase unicorns, perhaps paying tribute in our own way to King Pellinore, Sir Palamedes, and Sir Percival.

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