Snake Eaters For Obama

Obama, despite the boy having been an utter failure, is still a credible threat to America in that he does stand a indecent chance of being reelected in November.

Oh sure, the boy’s not polling well amongst hard-working, tax-paying, god-fearing, liberty-loving, responsible Americans – the vast majority of whom happen to be White. But look at the other elements in our country who are all for Obama…

Obama Snake Eater
Savage Snake Eaters Love Obama. Why Don’t You?

See, Obama doesn’t just have the savages of the nation’s ghettos and slums sewn up. He’s got broad appeal among savages of all areas and races, probably because he’s their last, best hope for seeing us fail and they’re getting their lands back. :lol:

OK, OK…Maybe, just maybe, this guy made an honest error and confused Obama’s “Hopey-Changey” drivel with “Hopi-Changey.”

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