Contextual Logic

Americans normally think of Liberals and Progressives as being illogical, especially when it comes to the disparity of their views on President Bush, Jr. and Barack Obama. This is, from what I can tell, an erroneous conclusion. Liberal logic is logic; it’s just a variant of Contextual Logic.

George Bush Jr. v. Barack Obama - Liberal Contextual Logic is based on race
George Bush Jr. v. Barack Obama – Liberal Contextual Logic

Specifically, they use a form of non-classical logic crafted by Soren Hallden in 1949, refined by Stephan Korner in 1960, and then totally revamped by Michael Tye in 1994. It is called Three-Valued Logic. Of course, Liberals’ and Progressives’ value tables are different from other peoples’.

  1. Is the person White or Non-White?
  2. Is the person Republican or Democrat?
  3. What has the person done?

So, according to their Three-Valued Contextual Logic, President Bush, Jr., who is both White and Republican is a war criminal based on his actions, whereas Barack Obama, who identifies as Black and is Democrat is a responsible world leader, despite having committed the same actions.

So really, the Left is quite logical. You just have to determine what form of logic, contextual logic in this case, that they subscribe to. 😉

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