Mendicant Magic

It’s an old axiom that a sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic. A corollary to this would be that a sufficiently advanced scientist is indistinguishable from a magician or other magical entity.

There are, in the latter case, ways to distinguish the scientist from the magician or other magical entity…

Genie vs. Genius
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Yep! The only magic scientists and researchers have is mendicant magic in that many of them do seem to be able to conjure funding out of the aether…as long as they are practicing orthodox, “white magic” at least. Those following a purer path don’t do so well at all.

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Who Checks The Checkers?

Fact Checking is a big thing in the internet age. It’s most often used to debunk various hoaxes and urban legends, much as Mythbusters does on television. That does present a problem though…

XKCD - Snopes
Hmmm….So Who Does Make Sure Snopes Isn’t Lying?

Now I’m sure the owners and operators of, David and Barbara Mikkelson, are completely ethical, honest, and professional…but how would I fact check that belief? 😆

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