Birds’ Eye View

It is oft-times said that the eyes are window to the soul. It seems to me that, especially in the case of the eyes of animals, that the eyes are the mirror of the onlooker’s soul.

The Eye of the Falcon The falcon’s eye – bright, golden and fierce – shows the falcon’s power and that the falcon lives to fly, stoop, to strike and kill. It possesses a clarity of thought uncluttered by distractions.

Man looks into the  falcon’s eye and feels a deep and abiding  respect.


The Eye of the Raven The raven’s eye – dark, brooding and cunning – shows the raven’s wisdom and that the raven lives by its tenacity and cunning, knowing that all that flies, walks or swims, is naught but food.

Man looks into the raven’s eye and feels the cold grip of fear.


Man respects the falcons ferocity and his simplicity of purpose. Man fears the cunning and the complex wisdom of the raven.

This, I suppose, makes sense; it is Man’s nature to respect power if he can predict how it will be used, but to fear wisdom and cunning whose aims and means he cannot fathom.

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