It’s Not Her Tits (NSFW)

Carrie Prejean sort of semi-nudeCarrie Prejean, currently Miss California, may have her title stripped from her by the Miss USA pageant administration.  She may also lose her position as first runner-up in the 2009 Miss USA pageant, which was held April 19. Both decisions may well be announced tomorrow (Monday, May 10, 2009).

If she is stripped of the title and position that she earned it won’t be because of the semi-nude photos of her that were released by those who are unfriendly towards her – though those photos will undoubtedly be used as the excuse and/or justification for her punishment.

Miss Prejean won’t lose her title over the fact that there are photos in which her tits – which the Miss USA pageant bought for her – weren’t covered by fabric.  If she is stripped of her Miss California title, it’ll be be because she wouldn’t say that she supported Gay Marriage.

Voicing beliefs that don’t match the queers’ agenda is grounds for insult and now punishment.

If having had nude or semi-nude photos of ones’ self in existance were a problem for contestants in the Miss USA pageant, then Miss Rhode Island, Alysha Castonguay, would have been censured as well. While serving as  a New England Patriots Cheerleader she posed semi-nude for Maxim magazine. The Miss USA pageant coordinators had no problems with these photos.

No, it won’t be Carrie Prejean’s unclothed breasts that cost her the Miss California title and that of first runner-up in the 2009 Miss USA pageant. It’ll be because she had the temerity to say when asked that she believed that marriage is between a man and woman as her Christian faith directs her to do.


NOTE: The Miss USA pageant does have perfectly legal grounds under their contract with Ms. Prejean to strip her of her titles. She did in fact violate her contract with them by not telling them of the semi-nude photos existence. Ms. Castonguay is said to have been upfront about the fact that she had been in at least one semi-nude photoset.

Of course Alysha Castonguay’s semi-nude photos were published in Maxim magazine for all the world to see, whereas Ms. Prejean’s semi-nude photos were made when she was beginning her modeling career at 17 and were merely part of her portfolio which would be sent to various agencies and clients.

But every thinking American knows that the only reason that she’s being persecuted is because she refused to set aside her faith for the sake of the queers’ agenda and the anti-American atrocity of political correctness.

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