Bluegrassification – Is it an insidious plot to “mountainize” music, an example of returning music to its roots, or just of means of keeping bluegrass music alive in the 21st Century?




I know some people will dislike it and think it a heinous thing, especially when non-White music is “mountainized.” They’ll consider it some horrid form of cultural appropriation. Others, without certain prejudices, will think it’s awesome. Still more I think will just shrug, not being the least bit fond of bluegrass music in the first place.

Personally, I think it’s oddly cool. It’s also, in my opinion, musically significant that so many genres of music can be so thoroughly “blugrassified” without losing the character of the original score at all.

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Bluegrass Style

Well, everyone else has jumped on the meme of doing their own variant of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” so, in the wake of other conversions, it’s no real surprise that there’s a bluegrass version.

Oppa Bluegrass Style

Does anyone have any doubts left that any and all music that is even partially based in the Western modes has its roots in blues, jazz, country, and other distinctly American forms of “classical” music?

Yeehaw! Oppa Bluegrass Style!

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Hush Little Child

If anyone has any doubts that rock, including heavy metal, has its roots in bles, jazz, country, and other distinctly American forms of “classical” music, this will, or should, end those doubts.

Iron Horse – Enter Sandman

This is from Iron Horse’s Fade to Bluegrass: Tribute to Metallica album. Like most of their albums that I’ve found it’s a compilation of old-school metal hits that have been converted to full-on bluegrass.

Every track I’ve heard has been awesome. I highly recommend this album and Iron Horse in general.

Honestly, when I first saw this clip I was expecting it to seriously hurt my brain but, as it turns out, the way that it did hurt my brain was in the fact that converting Metallica to bluegrass didn’t do so.

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