This Is Christmas?

As I’ve mentioned many times in the course of publishing Reflections From A Murky Pond, I’m Pagan – a follower of Morrigu and Cernunnos; Christmas as such has no religious significance for me. As an American though, Christmas has a mostly secular but quite cultural significance. It involves good cheer, family, charity, and a certain innocent joy strangely mixed and alloyed with an orgy of commercialism.

Could some please tell me though when did we sexualize Christmas? Every year when the holiday season rolls around various catalogs and stores start advertising very erotic – often downright sluttish – Christmas lingerie. Since this has been going on for years and years I assume there is a continuing and steady market for such theme lingerie.

I just don’t get it though. Peruse the nine (9) samples of such things below. I picked them as examples of the theme that were still PG-13 and not requiring of NSFW banners. They’re all marketed through, a quite mainstream, mass market retailer as opposed to an erotic lingerie and/or “stripperwear” outlet.

Now I’m hardly a prude, and as a relatively normal, heterosexual male I have a decided and admittedly prurient interest in attractive women half dressed in lingerie. I just don’t understand the connection with Christmas; it’s not a fetish that makes any sense to me whatsoever.

Men, tell me if and why you’d be particularly interested in seeing a woman in Christmas themed erotic lingerie. Women, please tell me if you’d purchase and wear such things and if an why you’d be comfortable with- or interested in doing so.

BTW: Each of the images above is a link to Amazon, where you can if you so desire purchase the lingerie depicted. I figured that, since I was using them as a resource, I should send some business their way.

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