Is Fathers’ Day Racist?

Is Fathers’ Day racist? Given that 60% – 75% of Black babies that are allowed to be born within America’s borders – 40% – 60% of the total number of Black pregnancies – are illegitimate, how long can it be before this holiday is deprecated as racist, horribly political incorrect, and insensitive to “normative Black Culture” which places little or no value upon parenting, especially fatherhood?

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8 Responses to “Is Fathers’ Day Racist?”

  1. Ellie Lee Says:

    This is a moronic statement and invalid at the very least. The concept of legitimacy of birth has to do solely with the concept off marriage as a legal institution. This is based in the assumption that all of these children are born to a solely single parent ie a single mother without the the presence of the biological father be them married or not. The statistics quoted do not give light to the nature of the relationship the parents of the children enjoy. Also the concept of normative black culture being “offended” by the concept of a holiday that celebrates the positive concept of fatherhood is also intellectually weak. Just because one substrate of American culture seems to on paper give less credence to fatherhood then other groups does not speak for all members of said substrate and does not lessen the fact that every single one of us has both a biological father and mother and often has people close to them that fill the mentoring roles of a father and mother in the absence of the biological ones. To sum up, fathers day is not a celebration of the “nuclear family” ideal of father hood but at its core a thank you to the man, who ever he may be who gave us part of himself and started our journey through this life. So no, fathers day is not and will never be racist.

  2. Sara Miller Says:

    My friends that are black and have several babies with no marriage involved still celerbrate Father’s Day, so not sure it will affect this holiday at all….

  3. jonolan Says:


    Simply put, you’re either ignorant or an idiot. De-friened me at your leisure; I won’t bother with with time it takes to de-friend you but I have no desire to subject myself to your gross stupidity any further.

    Biology / genetics has nothing to do with parenthood. At the same time, in what is something too close to normal for Blacks, no father figure is present at ALL.

    You’re an idiot or a slave to political correctness.

  4. John Nolan Says:


    That seems ODD to me. Doesn’t it seem so to you?

  5. Ellie Lee Says:

    Of course those with weak arguments go straight to ad hominem, attacking the arguer instead of my argument. Not once did I bring you into my discussion of your comment, only my opinion of the statement yourself. Had you replied with a valid counter point to my position I would have disagreed with you but I would have respected your opinion and your right to voice things the way you see them, but you went straight into attacking my intelligence which by the way is not less valid then yours. If we live in a world without the concept of disagreement and discussion, where I’m stupid for simply having a counter view to yours, I fear then this world is doomed to have free thinkers and visionaries swinging at the end of the rope. I will end with this to show that I am no idiot, and I a not stupid. I respect you concern for the part of the population plagued by a lack of fatherhood but I must insist upon my primary premise that, in no way does the decision of that groups “fathers” to not stay in their children’s lives make the holiday of fathers day at all racist. Simply answer this question, does the concept agree with the accepted definition of racism?

    1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
    2 : racial prejudice or discrimination

    I would argue and feel very confident in my very simple position that no it does not. So if you feel that makes me stupid or ignorant then so be it, I have no desire to prove myself to you. But know that I find it beneath my dignity to attack you for a simple thing as a difference in opinion. Thank you for opening my eyes a little bit more. Good day.

  6. Gary Biehl Says:

    I gonna attack for different opinion!!never mind I’m just gonna ignore an ignorant post!lmao

  7. Alfie Says:

    So no, fathers day is not and will never be racist.
    Just utterly confusing or just another Sunday for way too many children from the African-American community.
    I don’t do Facebook so perhaps thats why I found this post more tongue in check with a thought provoking edge than some grand statement.
    Read up some old school Moynihan folks.

  8. jonolan Says:

    Well, Alfie; it was meant to in the Moynihan school. Sadly, someone’s button got pushed and they went off over it and into attack mode, thereby pissing me off.

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