Greek Mythology

All cultures and peoples have their myths and myth cycles. These myths are actually one of the identifying foundations of those separate cultures and peoples and, by and large, they are both good and necessary. Only upon rare occasions do these myths become damaging.

Sadly, in America, one of our myths has become damaging. It might even be lethal to our nation.

Greek Mythology
Greek Mythology – It Couldn’t Happen In America

“It can’t happen here,” is a pernicious belief based on a self-serving and self-deluding perversion of American Exceptionalism. It’s a potentially lethally harmful myth.

Not only can what is happening in Greece and Europe happen in America, it is already happening. We just haven’t hit the bottom … yet.

California and many other of the several States are, essentially, as bankrupt as Greece and are being propped up by the federal government, a government that is so deep in debt that it boggles the mind – and they want to keep borrowing more and fight against any reining in of their profligate spending!

What is the scariest is that one thing really can’t happen here in America. The European Union is predicted to collapse very soon but that can’t happen in America; we have laws against secession and breaking the union. As no federal government that I could imagine would reduce itself, any attempt by the states to break the union for their own survival would lead to civil war.

The upcoming 2102 elections may not be the watershed moment but, if we don’t move swiftly, strongly, and sternly towards fiscal responsibility in this election, we will bring that moment closer – assuming it’s not here or already past – and make correcting the problems that much harder.

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6 Responses to “Greek Mythology”

  1. IM Sirius Says:

    A relative received word about her pension. Seems the cost of living increase is being lowered, and in the future new retirees won’t be getting one. And this is a fairly generous retirement system. Golly, I wonder what the problem could be? You’d think something was very wrong with the economy, and was likely to get worse.

  2. Alan Scott Says:

    I have compared California to Greece myself. I believe Spain is more accurate. Greece has very little in the way of earning money. Spain actually has an economy, as does California. They both went big into Green. They both could still be turned around.

  3. jonolan Says:

    I think that Greece is the better analogy for California than Spain. True – very true – the poorly conceived investment in “Green” seems to make Spain a better fit, but I think that is just one symptom or expression of CA’s problem – and a lesser one at that.

    The biggest economic failure of CA, in my opinion, is that they wanted their government to do far, far, far more in all matter than they were willing or able to pay for. That directly parallels Greece in both causation and effect.

  4. Alfie Says:

    So all signs point to Hollande having a pure majority thus making it safe to assume his measures will go forward. France GDP:debt over 100% currently and top 5 banks leveraged.

    As goes France goes Obama if he wins in Nov?

    All in all I feel like we’re all watching the sand go through the glass and unsure what else to do.

  5. jonolan Says:

    As for France – I agree with you. They’re done and will have to live with the wreckage that Europe will become – if they’re not brought into the Fourth Reich, which will be highest irony if it happens that way.

    As for the US – I’m not sure how much an Obama reelection will matter one way or the other. There’re too many variables and too many unknown-to-me inputs in that equation for me to say.

  6. Alan Scott Says:

    Jonolan ,

    California shows what happens when the public sector gets too big . Remember Bell, California and Robert Rizzo ? The public treasury is something to be plundered and the taxpayer to be robbed . I also understand that Illinois gave a hell of a sweetheart pension deal to a certain Chicago former Mayor .

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