I Don’t Listen To Slaves

I’ll listen, at least to some extent and for some amount of time, to any man or woman of any genetic heritage. I don’t, however, listen to slaves, especially slave who cannot be freed because they’re slavery is a product of their own failings and inability to put their inherited ancestral bitterness and hatred behind them.

Mandela's Wisdom
If They Can’t Move Forward They’re Still Slaves

It’s been 148 years since US Civil War ended and with it ended slavery and yet, in the intervening six generations, the “Black Community” has not moved past that point. Like some percentage of their great-great-great-great-grandparents they’re slaves; they just haven’t any owners who are actually willing to accept them as chattel.

Thankfully, the “Black Community” is collapsing – though Obama has given it something of a resurgence – and more and more Blacks are immigrating to America in their hearts and minds.

As the culture of the “Black Community” is a slave culture – honestly, not too dissimilar in may ways to that of the Israelites under Babylonian rule – why should I or any freeman listen to them? Slaves should only speak when spoken to or when they’ve been previously instructed to speak of things. If they want to speak to me, let them free themselves from their self-imposed bondage and speak to me as an equal, neither of us responsible for- or beholden to the other. Then and only then I’ll listen.

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2 Responses to “I Don’t Listen To Slaves”

  1. pino Says:

    speak to me as an equal, neither of us responsible for- or beholden to the other. Then and only then I’ll listen.

    I find it especially useful for Obama to speak to me of such matters.

    As you mention, he was never a slave or knew a slave. I have never owned a slave or known anyone who has.

    Further, his black father came to America as free as I am. And my family moved to America from Europe after the Civil War.

    The only claim that either he or I can make to slave ancestry is through his white mother – of all ironies.

  2. jonolan Says:


    Obama is a special case. In many ways he’s the conflicted, misborn abomination that miscegenation can cause. He speaks down to Americans in the manner of the classically White, Ivy League Elite but encourages his Black “bruthas” to speak up to Americans in the manner of rebellious slaves.

    As for Obama’s “slave ancestry” – On his mother’s side there’s evidence to support the idea that he was descended from a Black indentured servant who escaped, was captured, and sentenced to a lifetime of servitude instead of the term- or age-limited servitude he had signed up for.

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