Homo Urbanensis Thugii

The Urban Thug (Homo Urbanensis Thugii) is a largely unstudied creature. Though having a large and growing population base and an expanding habitat, the dangers involved in studying them combined with the utter lack of empathy they inspire in researchers have kept study of them to a minimum.

Below is one of the few anatomical sketches of a representative member of the species:

Anatomical sketch of the Urban Thug detailing gross muscular development and underlying skeletal structures
Anatomical Sketch of Homo Urbanensis Thugii

NOTE: There is some debate among biologists and zoologists over the proper taxonomic classification of Urbanensis Thuggii; one school of thought places them as a subspecies of Man, hence Homo, while the other places them as a related species of hominid and classifies them as Hominidae Urbanensis Thugii.

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