Prayer In Schools

Prayer in Schools – Atheists hate it with a black, bleeding passion, Theists generally want it allowed, and some segments of the Christians – normally referred to as the Religious Right – absolutely demand it.

Not being one of the Godless, I have no hatred for most religious expression and strongly favor prayer being allowed in America’s schools. The Religious Right, however, might just choke on some of the effects of successfully demanding it though. 😉

Prayer In School

The Three-fold Law & The Law of Unintended Consequences

Yeah, that might just stick in the craws of some people. That being the case and America being a tolerance-based religious plurality, though one de facto founded upon Judeo-Christian values, the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for,” should be kept firmly in mind.

NOTE: Notice how the Pagan schoolgirl’s 1st Amendment right to freely practice her religion has been violated for the sake of the school’s no weaponry policies? She’s been forced to perform her ritual without her athame! 😆

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6 Responses to “Prayer In Schools”

  1. Charles Sifers Says:

    How any intelligent person takes this seriously as an issue, is beyond me.

  2. John Nolan Says:

    In what way do you find it absurd? The underlying issue I was lampooning, this is; not my bit of farcical humor.

  3. Charles Sifers Says:

    No offense to you, or your comments, but individual prayer is and always has been perfectly legal. So, the argument that “God is being taken out of school” and the other arguments that the theocrats use, is nothing but a straw-man by people who really just want to insinuate their own form of fascism into the system.

    These same people argue against “secular indoctrination”, which I also have issues with.

    Having just brought two children through “the system”, I can well attest that there is little enough real learning going on as it is, and what we really need is to focus on actually teaching our children something useful.

  4. John Nolan Says:

    You fall into the first camp them I take it.

  5. Amber Turner Says:

    This. This this this. I just know if they get their prayer in school (as in done publicly like over the PA, which is what they generally want) they won’t be too keen when schools have to rotate what faith they pray under for fairness sake. Then its a whole new can of worms.

  6. Charles Sifers Says:

    I’m not an atheist, since I’m not religious. So, I see no reason for a place that we send our kids for education, to waste time on promoting some kind of fairy tale, unless they intend to actually educate about fairy tales.

    So, if they want to incorporate a real comparative religion class, which I’d definitely support, then it’s really just indoctrination into some fascist perspective.

    The reason that it would default to a “fascist” perspective is that there is no single religious perspective, so only the most powerful individual or group in a community would decide the particular flavor of indoctrination.

    Unless, of course, we have particular national religion.

    Since a particular national religion is explicitly banned by the Constitution, this is not possible in schools, and as has already been decided by all reasonable and logically minded people, school led prayer is illegal.

    Moreover, hate and illogical emotional arguments have no bearing my perspective.

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