Blessed Yuletide

December 21, 2008 is Yule this year. This is the holy day (holiday) of the Winter Solstice, the longest, darkest night of the year. Its celebration is quite different from that of the Christians’ Christmas. In my faith – which differs somewhat from that of Wiccans and many neo-Pagans – Yule is a holiday of sacrifice, propitiating the Crone and Winter King for bountiful new season, and of quiet contemplation and prayer.

Oh Morrigu! When night comes and love is broken, the children in torment, the weak battered, the poor abused, and all the five elements cry out for Your aid I will not disappoint You. I shall be your spear.
From the Darkness is born the Light, From the Void, Fulfillment comes forth… The year’s darkest night stands upon our threshold, Open now the door, and honor the Darkness for its stricture defines all.

At Yule we reach the nadir of the Darkness, but look forward with hope towards Spring and the time of rebirth. Those who follow the same path as myself reaffirm our oaths to our Goddess and God during Yule, and offer up sacrifices to ensure that Spring will return in truth and not just in name.

Blessed Yuletide, one and all.

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