Not Going To End Well

Not Going To End Well
This Is Not Going To End Well For Us

I’ve no evidence to support – and I looked as best as I could, but there’s very little information available on Chinese curricula – and tend to disbelieve that Chinese 3rd Graders are being taught multi-variable calculus, but Mrs. Paul’s point is still very well-made and shouldn’t be discounted because of what was most likely deliberate hyperbole.

Chinese students of all ages are taught core skills needed to succeed, as well as patriotism – though we obviously and rightly don’t like the latter in China case. They’re not being taught that “make a guess about whether the baby is a boy or girl.” And I very highly doubt that they’re having or will ever have regular “story time” with Drag Queens.

Chinese student are also not being taught that there are only two types of people in China, Oppressors and Oppressed. Whereas, more and more, what passes for schools and teachers in America are teaching exactly that from K-12, with the Oppressors being Whites and the Oppressed being everyone else who isn’t White.

And this isn’t in the long run going to end well for us. When China – and a lot of other nations – are both more committed to teaching the next generations what they need to know while those in our schools are committed to teaching the next generations so much that is both wrong and harmful, the future of our nation is bleak indeed.

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