Never Intended

There will always be issues, often severe ones, when anything is used in a manner that was never intended to be used in.

Fast Food Jobs
Fast Food Was Never Intended To Sustain Someone Indefinitely

Fast food is perfect example and one that is very timely at this moment in history. It was never intended to be mainstay of anyone’s diet and its misuse as such is the reason behind the Liberals’ and Progressives’ complaints about obesity, food deserts, and other such things. Similarly, fast food jobs were never intended to sustain a person economically for any great length of time and their misuse is at the heart of the Liberals’ and Progressives’ assault to increase the minimum wage.

Truly though, the issue of minimum wage and its use and misuse has two disparate vectors, a legitimate issue and an illegitimate construction.

A Legitimate Issue

To be fair, under the influence of Obamanomics the demographics of who’s working in the fast food industry or otherwise earning only minimum has changed greatly since 2008. There are more and more men and women, previously well-employed, now being forced by circumstance to attempt to support themselves and often their families through minimum wage jobs.

An Illegitimate Construction

Irrespective of just who is now working for minimum wage, a huge underlying problem with it now is the Liberals’ and Progressives’ construction that minimum wage should be a wage upon which someone can live well. This in turn reflects their beliefs that the poor are somehow more downtrodden than is rationally acceptable. They truly seem to believe that the poor should have a standard of living that is similar to that which is enjoyed by the more productive and successful.


Also remember that this misuse, if allowed to continue and expand, will just make things worse. It will both reduce the number of minimum wage jobs available as employers adapt and raise the prices of many basic products and services, thereby destroying the increase in workers’ buying power that increasing the minimum wage is intended to accomplish.

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2 Responses to “Never Intended”

  1. Buffet Says:

    Paying some uneducated, unskilled punk fifteen dollars an hour to perform a task a chimp could easily emulate is ludicrous.
    Holy Sense of Entitlement Batman!!
    F.Y.I. I have several close friends who perform maintenance and repairs on McDonald’s equipment. Would it surprise you to know that nearly all the devices have pictures, rather than words, for their functions, in case the retards are illiterate?
    AND that most service calls are generated by said retards tearing up the nearly automated, supposedly “foolproof” equipment!!
    * There is even a device that dipenses frozen french fries from an overhead hopper into the baskets for the deepfryers – because these clowns are too inept to simply pour them from a bag!!
    They press a button depicting a small, medium, or large batch.
    I’m told the setup is fabulously expensive and a nightmare to repair when damaged, which occurs all too frequently!

  2. jonolan Says:

    Yeah, that’s about par for the course.

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