Liberal Bomb Threat

The Liberals keep puling about the supposedly threatening nature of the Americans who are protesting President Obama’s and his Liberals’ plans to perform a reconstruction of the United States.  But who are the actual threatening and violent people?

From ABC New’s Blog:

On the eve of what organizers call a ‘Big Ol’ TEA Party’, the Washington, D.C., offices of FreedomWorks were evacuated by DC Metro police on Friday afternoon after the conservative organization reported to authorities at 3:42 pm ET that it had received a bomb threat.

At 4:48 pm ET, the organization put out a Twitter message saying that it turned out to be a false alarm but the organization is not happy about the disruption.

Is it a surprise that the Liberals would call in a bomb threat to an American protesters’ DC HQ on the anniversary of 9/11? I don’t think so; such an action seems all too apropos to me, poetic in its profundity and inherent truth.

I put a bomb in your building, bitch.

— Unidentified Liberal Terrorist
9/11  Bomb Threat on TEA Party HQ

And, of course, any American will notice that the incident was only reported on ABC’s blog. No MSM coverage of the terrorist threat made the airwaves and no other major media outlet is even bothering to mention it.

Americans need to wake up and realize that there are more immediate and no less pernicious threats than Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. America has largely removed those groups’ ability to be a direct threat to American lives. We need to similarly remove the threat posed by enemies of America who reside far closer to our homes and children than the rabid vermin in the Middle-East and Asia Minor.

Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down. 😉

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8 Responses to “Liberal Bomb Threat”

  1. Paradigm Says:

    Honestly, “unidentified liberal terrorist”? There wasn’t even a bomb. It may well have been a practical joke or some crazy person behind it. It could even have been an islamist – not all of them have an accent.

  2. zhann Says:

    Why is it that you continue to generalize liberals together in a single mass? This isn’t just unfair to liberals, but I can come up with countless generalizations of conservatives that would do the same.

    You must remember, whichever way you cut it, the Republican Party is primarily being blamed for the current crisis. Likewise, much of the lies spread by the Republican Party are also upsetting many people (I am not saying that Democrats aren’t doing the same, I am simply trying to enforce my point). The fact that a single liberal took it upon himself to cause a little commotion for the Republicans is simply that … a single guy causing commotion.

    Do you wish to imply that myself, leaning more towards being liberal than conservative, would stoop to this level? Or, how about me making the generalization that because you are a conservative you always cheat on your wife while publically preaching family values and abstinence?

  3. Igor Says:

    Must have been Ashley Todd’s boyfriend :-). Snide remarks aside, even if it was some crazed left sympathizer, instead of a bad prank by just about anyone of any ideological persuasion, the fringe left is not a very good excuse for a fringe right. Fascist response to Communism did not make Communist atrocities any more bearable. It seems like nutjobs on both sides are way too fond of tu quoque argumentation.

  4. jonolan Says:


    Whether there was a bomb or not, this was a heinous act that was made all the more so by being perpetrated on 9/11. As for the source of the act not being a Liberal – who else would have any motivation to disrupt these protests?


    Frankly, I’m unwilling to go to the effort to carefully craft “politically correct” phrases that indicate that there are a few people of more liberal bent who might not actively or tacitly support the actions of the “Capital L” Liberals or Leftists. I also notice that few of those speak out their compatriots, just as few on the Right spend much time speaking out against our more extreme members.

    And was it a single guy causing a commotion? It could have as easily been the actions of ACORN, the SEIU, HCAN, or Color of Change, all of which have means, motive, and opportunity – and in a few cases the predilection, to do such things.


    As I responded to Paradigm, only the Liberals have the motivation to commit such an act and only the Liberals would either ignore that it was 9/11 or specifically choose that date.

  5. igor Says:

    Jonolan, you conveniently ignore at least one fairly recent incident where a conservative (a campaign staffer) feigned an attack by a liberal/Obama supporter. If I adopt your ideological approach, I will be perfectly justified in saying that only a conservative would commit such a heinous act against his own just to impeach the other side’s credibilioty. However, I’m neither that naive nor that disingenious.

  6. jonolan Says:


    I entertained that possibility and did a bit of research before posting this article. The behavior of FreedomWorks didn’t match that of people who would stage such a thing. They didn’t make the requisite “fuss” over it to capitalize on the issue, nor did the terrorist.

    But oh yes, that cunt, Ashley Todd, was a vile thing. There should be “special” reprisals against her and the ones like Tawana Brawley and Safia Jilani.

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