Always Remember

On September 11, 2001, 19 Muslim terrorists hijacked four airliners. They crashed two into the World Trade Center and one into the Pentagon. The fourth was crashed into a field near Shanksville, PA when the American passengers on board counterattacked the terrorists and stormed the plane’s cockpit.

In total 2974 people – and the 19 Muslim terrorists – died in the vicious terrorist attacks upon America that day.

Always Remember; Never forget; Never Forgive

Remember our dead, mostly civilians murdered by foul vermin who hated America and whose misborn brethren still walk upon this Earth in a cruel mockery of mankind. We must wreak a final vengeance upon their murderers’ ilk. But, even more, we must ensure that our children and our children’s children will not have to fear a similar slaughtering.

Remember the brave Americans who, not targeted directly in the attacks, through themselves in harms way to save as many victims as they could. We must always honor those firemen, police officers, and un-uniformed civilians who cast caution to the winds for sake of the country and countrymen.

Remember our men and women in the military. They were and are both our sword of vengeance and our shield against the Muslim terrorists and Islamic regimes that support them. Putting their lives on the line, they to this day do the horrid, bloody work of eradicating the menace that we face so that we can go about our lives in relative peace and safety.

Remember those nations who lent aid to us in our time of catastrophe and those who, through generosity and human solidarity, who joined with America to bring retribution to our common foes and purge their stain from the planet. These foreign nations, not all longtime allies of America, came together with us in a righteous cause and should be honored in our thoughts and prayers.

May the Gods bless America with Vision to find those who have wronged us and murdered among us, with the strength of Arm to chastise them and bring them before the Gods for judgment, and the Will to use our Vision and our the strength of our Arm wreak our retribution upon our enemies and bring them low and into dust.

But remember also those who live within our country and enjoy its benefits who blamed America for these terrorist attacks. Remember those who said this was our fault and that we should be damned and burned for our supposed evil. Remember always that they lent their support to those who would murder our children with animalistic glee. They should not be free from our retribution; they deserve our wrath even more than the creatures who attacked us.

But remember also those who in our country who have more in common with the Muslim terrorists than they do with the people of America who not only stayed silent, refusing to condemn their brethren’s villainy, but used the crisis and its aftermath to further their own agenda within America. These things deserve no tolerance and no compassion; they are the enemies of mankind and should be exterminated lest they, through “paper terrorism” and propaganda do what their compatriots couldn’t do by violent action.

Always remember; never forget, neither the good nor the evil; never ever forgive.

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  1. Anthony M. Davis Says:

    Good post. I recently wrote an eight-year remembrance article on my site as well. I fear that this administration is working hard to focus away from the important things of protecting this nation from ongoing threats and turn the attention elsewhere.

    We can not forget that we have no shortage of enemies wanting to do us harm. It is my belief that we will be seeing a domestic attack by those who for whatever reason feel they have to take actions into their own hands.

    I discuss this potential in my book, Terrorism and the Maritime Transportation System.

    Let’s hope I’m wrong.

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