Don’t Discuss Race

pickin In recent years various Blacktivists, racial politicians, and race-baiting grievance-mongers have exhorted Americans to have a frank discussion on race and race relations in America. Every single occurrence of this, however, is nothing but cynical attempts to further their particular agendas.

The correct response from Americans is don’t discuss race at all at any time or in any place.

Discussing race is just allowing America’s domestic enemies to define the argument in the terms they’re comfortable with and ignoring science and reality while doing so.

Caveat: We do need to discuss race in the context of pathologies and medical outcomes because genetics and race play a part in those things.

Race is meaningless and is only used to provide a unassailable bulwark from which America’s domestic enemies can wage their culture wars. What matters is culture.

So, my fellow Americans, don’t discuss race. Discuss culture instead and watch the Liberals, Progressives, and minority grievance-mongers either scurry for cover or forget themselves and speak the truths that highlight the cynical grifting nature of their positions and goals.

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4 Responses to “Don’t Discuss Race”

  1. Ebby Lane Says:

    Alot of people feel this way. However, the ones that do have never felt the sting of racism and/or bringing it up just makes them uncomfortable. The truth is most black people would love not to discuss race, but we have no choice when even today we are still having to deal with being treated unfairly due to our skin color. I promise, once a day someone will do something or say something that reminds me we still have a long way to go with being seen as equal to whites in the U.S.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Here’s a question and it’s key to my point: is it your skin color or any racial characteristic that is causing you to be treated in a manner you find unfair or it a response to what is perceived to be your culture and the attitudes and behaviors associated with it?

    Yes, certainly there’s a forced intersection between race and culture in America, at least when it comes to the Blacks, but how much of that is because of “Black Identity” coercing enough individual Blacks to comport themselves in specific way to foster the idea that such is how all Blacks are?

  3. Ebby Lane Says:

    I did not realize you had replied to my comment. I didn’t get a notification. To answer your question, I believe it is preconceived notions and the belief of inferiority due to my skin color. I don’t comprehend why the behaviors of some black people, usually negative because no one tends to cover the positive ones, represents all of us? It just baffles me.

  4. jonolan Says:

    I’m forced to agree that, at least when it comes to first impressions, your skin color and, sadly, your hair will make a difference. Yet, those preconceptions are those of your expected culture and culture-based behavior more than anything else. Few anymore actually believe that Blacks are genetically inferior.

    As for negative behaviors of some black people being almost all that are shown in media – There’s no point in crying race over that one. Negative behaviors are just about the ONLY behaviors publicized about ANY group. Even the positive behaviors that are publicized are normally responses to others’ negative behaviors, e.g., the person who stops a crime or tends the victim.

    Only bad news sells, which says a lot about us all as a species. Time and time again media outlets have experimented with “good news” and those experiments have always failed.

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