Consoling Obama

Let’s face it; I’m fairly cruel to Obama and my unrelenting attacks upon the Grifter-in-Chief aren’t very nice. Obama’s stuck with a very difficult job, one made even more so by the boy’s utter lack of experience and skills in it.

So it’s really past time for me to show some kindness to- and compassion for the little boy trying to fill a man’s shoes and leadership role.

Dumb Sloths
Just Think Of Sloths, Obama

So, Mr. Obama, when you’re alone and feeling pretty dumb due to your disastrous mishandling of: domestic policies, the economy, resource extraction and management, foreign policy, wars, and America’s role in- and perception by the world, just think of sloths. It’ll make you feel better.

You also might consider taking up tree climbing. 😉


Would one you people from the: Secret Service, FBI, NSA, DOJ, or DOD that regularly comb through Reflections From Murky Pond take a moment or two away from perusing the pin-up galleries and other “babe posts” and forward this post to Obama, please?

And yes, Gentlemen (and I assume some Ladies), I do see both where you’re coming here from and what you’re looking at while you’re here and I really don’t think that fapping to my “girlie pics” is the best of possible uses for the American tax dollars that pay for you…Still, I appreciate your support and patronage and you’re always welcome here.

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