Chinese Nationalism

Chinese nationalism and collectivism is a wonder of the world – not a good and glorious wonder, but a wonder-none-the-less. China’s hive mind of collectivism under their Communist regime might not be quite so pervasive as they would wish the Civilized World to believe though. 😉

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I Love China…Or Else.

Of course it’s easy for the Evil Old Men in Beijing to coerce their population into at least mouthing harmony with the regime’s agenda and ant-like collectivism. When the “or else” in question is having your vital organs harvested by the State, it’s amazing how tractable people become.

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5 Responses to “Chinese Nationalism”

  1. zhann Says:

    I am just curious, but how knowledgeable are you on Chinese history? I must agree, your points are entirely valid, I am just curious …

  2. jonolan Says:

    Which dynasty do you want to talk about? Or would you rather discuss Mao’s or Chiang Kai-shek’s rule. 😉 I’m better with the latter since my 1st wife was friends with his son’s – Ching-Kuo – family.

  3. zhann Says:

    Wow, interesting. My thoughts are somewhat different. It isn’t so much the dynasties that I am concerned with, but with the overall government progression of the Chinese people. While, there is absolutely no doubt that the Chinese government are, in a sense, a bit crazy, the fact is that they manage to keep the peace within the nation, and overall they are respected by their people. In todays crisis, they are the most prosperous nation, so obviously they must be doing something right.

    Government is a strange organism. For different types of people, different types of government are necessary. America’s form of democracy is not the answer to the world, as can be seen in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is important to realize that at times the oddest form of government is the one that best suits its people. More importantly, enforcing an ideology on a people is never the best way to get a more stable form of government.

    I hope I am making some sense. I know that you aren’t in any way implying, at least in this article, that we need to get rid of China’s government and replace it with one more similar to Americas. However, this seems to be a common mindset so I just wanted to make a point. Again, I have no doubts that China’s government treats its people like garbage. But, lets be honest, the American government isn’t flawless either.

  4. LarryK12309 Says:

    If I’m not mistaken isn’t that Tienanmen Square?

    How Ironic!

  5. jonolan Says:

    Yes, that is Tienanmen Square.

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