Bros Before Hoes

So, after so many months of coyly refusing to state that she’s was going to run for POTUS in 2016, Hillary Clinton finally decided to officially announce her candidacy.

It’s apparently a case of “bros before hoes,” a phrase that once meant you didn’t abandon or betray your friends for your girlfriend but, during the 2008 Democrat primaries became that Blacks come before White women.

Sadly, when dealing the possibility of Hillary following Obama into the White House, it’s a case of a bro before a hoe but both coming before- and hastening the collapse of America.

Hillary Clinton became an iconic figure by feeding the media and the Left the kind of rhetoric they love. Barack Obama did the same and became president. Neither had any concrete accomplishments beforehand besides rhetoric, and both have had the opposite of accomplishments after taking office.

They have something else in common. They attract the votes of those people who vote for demographic symbolism — “the first black president” to be followed by “the first woman president” — and neither is to be criticized, lest you be denounced for racism or sexism.

It is staggering that there are sane adults who can vote for someone to be president of the United States as if they are in school, just voting for “most popular boy” or “most popular girl” — or, worse yet, voting for someone who will give them free stuff.

Thomas Sowell
The National Review (March 24, 2015)

This is what the American electorate, thanks to the warm body franchise, has devolved and degenerated into – “People” who decry racism but vote for a candidate solely because of his race to be followed by those who decry sexism but will vote for candidate solely because she has a vagina.

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  1. Buffet Says:

    I guess anyone who’d vote for an obvious terrorist would vote for an ugly ol’ whore?
    Bloody hell she’s ugly!!! So much for breakfast.

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