Bowed But Unbroken

America awoke today to a grim day. Last night, the American Left dealt a grievous blow to the America of Washington, Jefferson, Madison and their like. They elected Barack Obama as President of the United States. Worse, waiting for Obama in Washington will be a Congress more wholly liberal than any in US history – a Congress led by Pelosi and Reid.

The day is somewhat less grim than it might have been though. Republicans managed to hold enough seats in the Senate to ensure that Obama and Reid can be blocked by filibuster. This means we are bowed but unbroken.

Sinking into despair is both easy and seductive. Do not do it! We must continue to fight for America and American values. Whether with hope in our hearts or without it, we must hold the line and make the Left pay a high and painful price for each yard they take. Remember that the US lost the Battle of Bunker Hill, but we inflicted such casualties upon the enemy that they could not capitalize on their victory.

What We Need To Do:

Below are five (5) things that American Conservatives must do in the coming months and years in order to have a reasonable chance of saving America from the fate that is in store for it.

1 – Oppose Pres. Obama
We must fight against this lurch to the Left and its concomitant socialist policies. We must also respond strongly, relentlessly, and vocally when Obama fails to act correctly to defend America, its interests, and its allies.

What we must not do is to behave like the Left did under Pres. Bush. We must attack Pres. Obama’s and Congress’ failings without devolving into screaming and/or whining hordes who rant the same vitriolic rhetoric as America’s enemies. We must fight without mercy but we must hold ourselves above madness and above attacks that do more harm to America than to our enemies. We must be better than that, though I know it will be difficult to do.

2 – Don’t Blame People
This is going to be very, very hard to do, especially when one looks at what has been done to our country, but try not to behave as the Democrats did in 2004 with their vile ranting against Conservatives. It quite true that Pres. Obama got a lot of votes for truly stupid and/ or heinous reasons such as the racism implicit in voting for him because he identifies as Black. It’s also quite true that Pres. Obama lost a lot of votes for equally stupid and/or heinous reasons. No group has cornered the markets on ignorance, stupidity or prejudice.

3 – Toughen Up
We must all be ready to shrug off the vile attacks we will inevitably suffer as we defend this land. Always remember Joe “The Plumber” Wurtzelbacher and the vile and illegal smears, attacks, and invasions of privacy he suffered for standing up to then Sen. Obama. Such attacks can and will happen to at least some of us as well during the fight. Be ready for them.

We will be called racists for our opposition of Pres. Obama. Ignore the slur. We will be marginalized and discounted by the media and by the Left. Keep arguing and keep arguing reasonably. The Left will treat us horribly; they will be as vile in victory as they were during 8 years of defeat. Accept that and hold to the high ground.

4 – Communicate

We must learn from the Left. We must shrug off some of our reserve and come together as a movement, a resistance. What worked for the Left we must make work against them. This is critical.

Expect to be either ignored by the Left-controlled MSM or vilified by them. Under no circumstances trust them. We must communicate through Social Media and Blogging as well as through more traditional mediums. We absolutely must uncover the mistakes of Pres. Obama’s administration and communicate them to each other and to the general population – especially if the MSM refuses to do so.

5 – Seek Vengeance
Spend as much time and effort as you need to focus your anger into something cold and controlled. Blind, unreasoning rage is something to be avoided at any and all costs; it finds the ugliest and most counterproductive outlets far too often.

There’s a lot of work to do to prepare the ground for the Restoration. That work must be the vehicle of our vengeance, not thuggery or vileness. The Democratic Political Engine will provide us with a target-rich environment. We must coldly analyze those targets and attack them based on a sequence of priorities. We do not have enough time to squander our efforts on low-value targets or useless vitriol.

Remember that we must be ready in 2010, not 2012. We must enter into 2010 with our short list of Presidential candidates ready to roll. We must be ready to support any of them, so they’d best be chosen and groomed early so that we can feel comfortable doing so. We must make the Republican Primary as much of a de facto race as possible so that we can immediately begin the battle for General Election.

America woke to a grim day and we – bowed but unbroken – stare at the oncoming night that will be filled with terrors, with twilight’s last gleaming growing dim behind us. We must struggle bravely, coldly and stoically through the siege of that long dark night. We must give proof to that night that we are still there defending the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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7 Responses to “Bowed But Unbroken”

  1. Paradigm Says:

    And perhaps elect more likable candidates. Undecided voters go for someone with charisma, someone who connects with people. McCain seemed very tense and awkard in comparison to Obama.

  2. Daniel Yahraes Says:


    My Lord, you’re nuts.

    You know what, you have major issues you need to deal with.

    Forget about your Nancy Pelosi crap and leftist crap…

    People were celebrating in France, Germany, China, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Belgium… what are these countries considered to you? HAVE YOU EVER TRAVELED ANYWHERE???

    I was in Times Square standing next to all kinds of folks… black, white, asian, latinos, citizens, non-citizens… all rejoicing.

    It was historic. And YES, there were McCain/Palin supporters there… I felt for them cause they were totally outnumbered and many of them were alone… I mean, like I’d see one here then one over there… like they weren’t paired up with anyone… I saw their disappointment… but they hadn’t much to worry about because the thousands of New Yorkers and visitors I was around, were just so damn happy…

    Murky Pond, you want to avoid so so much… it wasn’t JUST Democrats that voted for Obama. Hundreds of thousands (if not more) Republicans who voted for Obama. PLENTY! He got over 60% of the youth vote… old white people voted for him… he even got the vote of plenty of bigots too (believe me, I know I have plenty of racists in my extended family who voted for him).

    AND you’re assuming all Democrats voted for Obama. Ugh…

    Did you not hear McCain’s speech? He said even HE would support Obama.

    Look, Obama still, like any other President, has to prove himself … but VENGEANCE???

    I don’t know why I’ve come back to your site… I’m on the verge of just saying dreadful things I would regret…

    I’ll say this much… I have a feeling you may be an awful person…

    It’s that same numbskull confusion that could care less about all the hundreds of thousands that have died in Iraq, but would bomb and abortion clinic over one female having an abortion…

    Why are you blind to the human experience.

    When Bush won in 2000 and 2004 it upset me, but I came to the determination our country got the President we deserved… I wanted a President who could articulate, sound and look like a professional, someone who seemed knowledgeable about the world… who has traveled the world… but I didn’t get him.

    I finally got him. I was actually shocked that he won by the electoral landslide.

    I don’t know what your opposition is. Even Elisabeth Hasselbeck from The View said her candidate didn’t win, but she is there to support him now.

    To me, Bush never symbolized nothing but more American boys and girls dying…

    I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want “vengeance” over that?

    What is it that you truly fear and how realistic is that?

    I don’t know why I go on your site… it saddens me and sickens me as well…

    So damn sad… pathetic.

    But I can say this…



    and you, Mr or Mrs Murky Pond, sit there in your judgment… in fear of terrorists, boogie men, and other nonsense… and I live where happened…

    So what is wrong with you?

    You apparently got 8 years of corporate greed which has plummeted our economy, senseless deaths of Iraqis and American men and women, you got a government ignoring the victims of Katrina… you’ve had your regime of people hating brown people…

    I finally got a President that reflects my values (as they stand now)…

    So, do us all a favor… chill out…

  3. Razzler Says:

    Seek vengeance? Because your candidate didn’t win? Because the Republicans are no longer in power? Because Democracy worked the way it was supposed to and you didn’t get your way? I admit to being somewhat bemused…

  4. jonolan Says:

    Perhaps – since that phrase seems to be sticking in people’s craws – I should have said, “don’t get mad, get even.” That was just too much of a cliche for me though.

    It would also be good, Razzler, if you digested the text under that heading. I calling for proper – if hardline – political action in an effort to minimize the damage that I perceive Obama’s regime will cause. I’m also cautioning against the senseless and blind hatred and vitriol that the Left has proven to all too easy to fall into.

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  6. jonolan Says:

    Razzler, I’d also like to point out that this doesn’t bode well for idea that President-Elect Obama has any real intention of being a bipartisan or nonpartisan leader.

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