Biden's Upside-Down Economy

Biden’s Upside-Down Economy

In the run-up to the 2022 Midterm Election, in which most Dems are faltering, Biden has decided to loudly jabber that, “Democrats are building a better America for everyone with an economy that grows from the bottom up.” 🙄 If Biden actually believes this – Hellfire! If we could even safely assume he knew what he was reading aloud – this would be a grimly perfect example of a goebbels-esque Big Lie (große Lüge).

Simply put, you can’t build up an economy from the bottom up unless you foster an entrepreneurial spirit among the lower half of the economic echelons. And that means lowering taxes on businesses, reducing restrictive regulations that hamper startups, and advantaging investments by venture capitalists in those startups. Exactly none of these things are those which don’t directly contradict Democrat dogma and political positions. All you can do, and all the Democrats are ever willing to do, is attack the successful makers in order to redistribute their wealth to those more likely to vote for Democrats.

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