A Man Of Letters

Thomas Sowell’s A Man of Letters is a book that most people in America should read. It is certainly, without a doubt, a book that every White should read in order to help dispel the Liberals’ long perpetuated myths about race relations in America and how their policies have affected it.

While nowhere near Sowell’s first publication, A Man Of Letters is a particularly great starting point for reading Sowell’s extensive body of work.

To-date Thomas Sowell has written 32 books and many more scholarly papers during the last 39 years on race relations, societal modeling, history, politics, and economics. Many of these books are considered seminal works in their respective fields. A Man Of Letters, however, gives a rare glimpse into the mind of the author and is, therefor, a great starting point for new readers of his works.

Thomas SowellA Man of Letters traces the life, career, and commentaries on controversial issues of Thomas Sowell over a period of more than four decades through his letters to and from family, friends, and public figures ranging from Milton Friedman to Clarence Thomas, David Riesman, Arthur Ashe, William Proxmire, Vernon Jordan, Charles Murray, Shelby Steele, and Condoleezza Rice. These letters begin with Sowell as a graduate student at the University of Chicago in 1960 and conclude with a reflective letter to his fellow economist and longtime friend Walter Williams in 2005.

It is certainly worth the time it takes to read and is a book I highly recommend for everyone in America.

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