2011 Annual Pep talk

The Obama Messiah - A False prophet with delusions of worthSo, today is the day of the POTUS’ annual pep talk, his State Of The Union Address. Tonight at 9:00 PM. EST President Obama will preempt the national airwaves and deliver his SOTU address to Congress, various dignitaries, and those of the American people who choose to watch it.

As is now commonplace, the POTUS will speak much but say very little of substance.

This SOTU address in particular will be nothing but a pep talk combined with admonitions for Liberals to stay strong, to rally behind President Obama’s agenda, and to swallow another serving of “Hope and Change.” Much more so than a Constitutionally required report to Congress, tonight’s address is the inauguration of Obama’s 2012 Presidential election campaign.

Take Obama’s speech for what it’s worth, no more and no less. If nothing else, it makes for a good drinking game.

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