He’s Out…Again

Keith Olbermann - Liberal Pundit, Media Personality, and Anti-American Traitor worthy of a slow death, preferably by being gut-shotThe Countdown is over and it ended, not with a bang but with a whimper bordering on a whine.

Liberal pundit Keith Olbermann, unsurprisingly rather theatrically, announced at the end of his show Friday night that he and MSNBC were parting company and that he had just finished the last episode of Countdown. He provided no further explanation of the reasons for this.

Liberals, of course, are already concocting various conspiracy theories. Most of them involve trying to paint NBC’s probable future owner, Comcast as being “to blame” for Olbermann’s  and Countdown’s removal from MSNBC’s prime-time line-up.

As an American, I wish there was more substance to the Leftists’ paranoid, anti-capitalist drivel this time. It’d be great to think that Comcast and NBC were planning on shifting MSNBC to something closer to journalism. I doubt that is their plan though; there’s too much money to be made by being the Liberal propaganda machine and, as every Liberal is so wont to jabber, a corporation’s goal is to make money.

Personally, I think we’ll soon be seeing Olbermann, whose first love was sportscasting, as a major force on Comcast’s Versus, most likely heading at least one show and narrating and commenting upon others, much like Mike Rowe does for the Discovery Channel.

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