Biden’s Disgust

The Karmic Irony of Biden's Disgust
The Karmic Irony of Biden’s Disgust

There is most certainly a level of karmic irony when it comes to Creepy Uncle Joe’s feelings towards the oil industry. He was installed in office and immediately showed his disgust and antipathy towards America’s domestic oil industry, only to be shown equal levels of disgust by Saudi Arabia when he begged them to delay reducing production until after the 2022 elections. 😆

I’d say that wise men tread lightly around and try to reach mutually tolerable accommodations with those that literally power the world, and hence, have power over the world, but I’ve never heard anyone, not even Democrats, claim that Biden is in any way wise.

Still though, as painful as Biden and Co. are making it for people, the karmic irony he’s being subjected to is amusing.

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