21st Century AIDS Relief

What would happen if people took a pragmatic approach to AIDS relief in Africa? What if they put aside their preconceptions and applied tactics that took into account what we know of young men’s minds?

Cartoon courtesy of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

I do not mean for this post to be offensive, nor do I want anyone to belittle either the impact of HIV / AIDS on the world in general and Africa in specific. For those who believe this comic is in vastly poor taste and think that AIDS is no laughing matter, I refer you to these words:

Everything human is pathetic. The secret source of Humor itself is not joy but sorrow. There is no humor in heaven.

— Mark Twain
Following the Equator

We absolutely must laugh at what causes us fear or sorrow; the only alternatives are rage or despair. Besides – knowing men, a Playstation or Xbox would be an effective means of reducing the spread of infections through sex.

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8 Responses to “21st Century AIDS Relief”

  1. IBé Says:

    I actually think the cartoon is funny. But I’m not sure creating a nation of zombies is a solution to stopping the spread of AIDS.

  2. jonolan Says:

    It’s probably not the best solution, IBé. On the other hand, PlayStations, X-Boxes and other gaming platforms have been quite useful in America for keeping our youth – and some of the not-so-young – out of all sorts of trouble.

    It’s telling that Obama spent over $500K for campaign advertisements inside video games during the recent elections. 😉

  3. LucidLunatic Says:

    This is a good one. Perhaps it would be possible to kill two birds with one stone- not only to give them something better to do, but also to educate them through video games. I think there are still people out there arguing that some video games are educational…

  4. jonolan Says:

    Oh Gods, I hope not! An educational video game sounds horrid – though the US military has used Quake and other games as training aids…

  5. Moriah Says:

    In response to the comment thread: Growing up, the only video/computer games allowed were educational ones. ;p I wasn’t happy with my parents but took whatever I could get. Also learned how to argue the educational value of almost anything as a result of their litmus test. 😉

  6. jonolan Says:

    LOL Christy…and so you began your long descent into Law. 😉

  7. Moriah Says:

    And so I did. ;p

    I could argue my way out of or into anything I wanted. I became my younger siblings’ champion – anything they wanted, they’d come to me and ask me to work it out for them. Oh how our future paths are thus forged. 😉

  8. Muslim Comedy | Reflections From a Murky Pond Says:

    […] still hold the seeds of comedy within them, if one but knows how and where to look. Indeed, AIDS, Islam, and other similar things need jokes to be told about […]

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