Guiness Ad – Brilliant!

This is possibly the best and funniest beer ad ever, and it comes to us from Guinness. In their own words – it’s brilliant!

Guinness – Share one with a friend…or two.

What could be better – and better mannered – than sharing your beer with your friends? And Guinness is just the perfect beer for it since it’s best served somewhat…um…hotter?…than many other stouts, porters, or lagers.

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6 Responses to “Guiness Ad – Brilliant!”

  1. TRO Says:


  2. jonolan Says:

    Yep. And, as a bonus, she’s looking quite phat & happy. You don’t get that sort of perfect saddle for the beer on one of those unhealthily scrawny girl.

  3. Tim Diddy Says:

    I dunno. Not sure I agree but okay. Good post anyway. Cheers.

  4. flashrash Says:

    best article I read about this yet!

  5. Benne the Clone Says:

    Completely revolting and misogynistic… you all think it’s brilliant? That’s just sad…

  6. jonolan Says:

    If you say so, Benne. You’re probably an expert on revolting after all, being from the Left Coast.

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