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Hooters Placates NOW

Posted in Humor, Society on December 22nd, 2010

Feminazi Symbolism - Bringing You Hate Since 1968Hooters has chosen to placate the Feminazis of NOW in order to convince these pernicious harridans to cease their paper terrorism against them for daring to have high chairs and a children’s menu in their restaurants.

As perfectly befits Hooters, their solution was, “delightfully tacky, yet unrefined.” It will also likely work given the agendas involved.

Playing directly into the raison d’être of the Feminists, Hooters has decided to start producing and providing to all children brought into their restaurants very specific cookies!

Feminazi Fetus Cookie - Eating their own young is paramount
Hooters’ New Fetus Cookie – Kid Tested and Feminazi Approved

Fetus cookies would promulgate exactly the message that NOW holds as its core function, that the unborn should be killed at whim – as long as that whim belongs to a nominal female. Infanticide / Abortion is the foundation of their whole movement, as the behavior of Feminists during the 2008 elections proved beyond a shadow doubt to any sane American.

This brilliant, if immoral, tactic should get NOW to rethink their position on continuously attacking Hooters. After all, to a Feminist, what’s a few hot babes in skimpy clothing compared to getting children desensitized to the death of the unborn?

A spokesman for Hooters who asked to remain nameless informed said,

We’re not pleased with the idea of these cookies; they’re really sort of sick and creepy. They’ll probably do the trick and get NOW off our backs, at least for now, though.

When we showed the local NOW chapter samples of the cookies they really seemed to love them. I mean really love them. It ended up looking like the “Bake Sale From Hell”

The way those women started drooling and crunching on the fetus cookies was kind of scary, especially when they starting cooing and petting each other while stuffing their faces. Ugh!

We were..ah, how do I say it? We were getting pretty scared and disturbed by the end of it. It sort of looked like something from Shakespeare or one of those old Greek plays.

Obviously, we’ll have to wait and see how this pans out. The Feminists are not monolithic – except often in physical form 😉 – and some might not want to back off from their attacks upon Hooters since some might be hetero and be more hurt and scared by the beautiful girls at Hooters then others, while many are lesbians and, hence, less personally concerned with indoctrinating children into accepting infanticide as a woman’s “right” than with just attacking any heterosexual display.

All in all though, these fetus cookies are probably Hooters best shot at placating NOW and getting them to cease and desist their paper terrorism.

Now That’s A Hoot!

Posted in Society on December 22nd, 2010

The Angry Face of the Feminist - Not that their vaginas are worth anythingIn what would be little more than another pathetic and laughable exercise in any other state but California the National Organization of Women (NOW) has filed legal complaints against Hooters because the restaurant has high chairs and a children’s menu.

Is it just another hysterical fit by the feminazis or a concerted effort to misuse the American legal system in an act of paper terrorism?

NOW and similar cabals of stridently screaming, embittered Feminists have hated Hooters since the company was formed and have periodically tried various methods of harassment in an attempt to close them down. This latest ploy isn’t really that much of a shock.

After all, their “issues” with Hooters and the young women who make a good living working there are quite apparent to any with eyes to see.

Fat, Sloppy, Ugly Feminist Tries Picketing Hooters - Meets with Laughter and well-deserved derision
Envy And A Lack of Self-Worth Are NOW’s 2nd Greatest Tools
The 1st Being The Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator

One has to expect that a bunch of females that are unable to get or keep a man – assuming some fraction of NOW’s roster aren’t dykes – would be envious of any women who actually could and hateful towards any company that provided them with exposure.

The Beautiful Babes Of Hooters – Annoying Feminists Since 1983

In any other state but California this would be just another pathetic example of the utter failure of feminists. In California, however, things are handled differently than in America, so NOW’s paper terrorism may well cause problems for Hooters. This is, after all, the region that banned McDonald’s Happy Meals!

How They’re Doing This

What has happened is that, in more litigious areas such as California, Hooters has had to incorporate as an “adult entertainment” venue so that they could avoid having to hire male and/or ugly female servers. Classing the wait staff as “entertainers” allowed them to circumvent multiple lawsuits for employment discrimination – lawsuits that most likely trace their roots back to NOW or some other coterie of Feminists.

  • Sexual Discrimination – Yep, some dude wanted to be a Hooters Girls. Was he queer or a shill for the Feministas?
  • Weight Discrimination – Yeah, because a fat broad in skimpy, overly tight clothing is such a good way to sell mediocre fried chicken wings

Once the servers as classed as entertainers these malicious and frivolous lawsuits are impossible. Entertainers can be hired based upon just about any criteria that the “producer” wishes, as casting Will Smith as the lead in Wild Wild West clearly shows.

The dykes and harridans of NOW are capitalizing upon this and claiming that, as an “adult entertainment” establishment, it is illegal for Hooters to allow minors into the restaurant at all.

I wonder how long it will be before Michelle Obama starts jabbering on this issue. She’d be wildly out of place at Hooters and hates fried foods being fed to children.

Not that I would recommend taking your children to Hooters for meal. Hellfire! I wouldn’t recommend taking yourself to Hooters for a meal. Their food is mediocre at best and most of it doesn’t even rise to that level.

It’s a transparent gambit that would be laughed at anywhere but the Left Coast but one still worthy of reprisal, especially if things escalate or it looks like they might suborn enough of the California legal system to succeed in whole or in part.

It’s A Stone Bitch

Posted in Politics, Society on December 21st, 2010

Julian Assange - Enemy of America and the West. He needs to be killed by one of humanity's governments!Karma’s a stone bitch sometimes as the filthy terrorist supporting enemy of America, Julian Assange has just found out to his discomfort, angst and hopefully chagrin.

The Guardian, got their hands on a leaked police report detailing the sexual assault charges against Assange and published them.

It is reported that Julian Assange and his attorneys are livid over this disclosure of the nature of the claims that have been filed against him with Swedish courts.

In a move that surprised many of Mr Assange’s closest supporters on Saturday, The Guardian newspaper published previously unseen police documents that accused Mr Assange in graphic detail of sexually assaulting two Swedish women. One witness is said to have stated: “Not only had it been the world’s worst screw, it had also been violent.”

Bjorn Hurtig, Mr Assange’s Swedish lawyer, said he would lodge a formal complaint to the authorities and ask them to investigate how such sensitive police material leaked into the public domain. “It is with great concern that I hear about this because it puts Julian and his defence in a bad position,” he told a colleague.

“I do not like the idea that Julian may be forced into a trial in the media. And I feel especially concerned that he will be presented with the evidence in his own language for the first time when reading the newspaper. I do not know who has given these documents to the media, but the purpose can only be one thing – trying to make Julian look bad.”

Mr Assange is facing criminal allegations in Sweden over claims by two women that he sexually assaulted them while he was in the country earlier this year.


A spokesman for The Guardian said: “Julian is not a confidential source. The argument that the papers involved with the WikiLeaks cables should not report criticism of him is one all journalists would find ridiculous.”

It’s not really shocking that, now that the shoe in other foot, Assange and the vermin representing him aren’t happy about leaks. Such rank hypocrisy is to be totally expected from such misborn creatures.

Yes, karma can be a stone bitch and she’s chosen to bite Assange in the ass in an incredibly poetic fashion. It couldn’t truly happen to a more deserving vermin, though he and those he’s worked with or who provide him with material support deserve far sterner and final punishment than these charges will provide for.

Poor Little Manning

Posted in Politics on December 20th, 2010

Bradley Manning - Queer, Traitor, DoomedPoor little Bradley Manning, he’s been held in solitary confinement in various military stockades for around seen months while awaiting trial on high crimes against the United States of America and it’s reported that he’s not fairing especially well in captivity.

Various groups of America’s enemies, both foreign and domestic, are not happy with this.

Since Manning has never denied his actions his guilt is not in any form of doubt. He made various statements that showed he was proud of his treason and happy that he provided aid and comfort to the Muslim terrorists we’re fighting and to their various supporters and shills within the Civilized World.

Therefor I say let the filthy traitor rot in solitary until he breaks apart, then try him and execute him, preferably by being hanged by the neck until dead, then dump his corpse in a landfill with the rest of the trash.

Alternatively, the US Military could, once Manning has provided the evidence we need against Assange and Wikileaks, make the appearance of bowing to the whims of the Liberals and other terrorist supporters and release the little freak, Manning into the general population of the stockade he’s being held in.

At a bare minimum this would be a strike at Assange and Wikileaks of the sort that would certainly quell their access to enemy collaborators.

It might also serve as a good and pointed foreshadowing of their personal futures or the lack thereof.

Manning is young, queer, weak, and a traitor. I’m sure his fellow military inmates will do for him in short order, and they’ll do far better, cheaper, and messier job of it than the overly sterile executions our government allows itself. 😉

Poor little Manning – damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Either way he’ll pay for his anti-American evil with his life.

DADT Repealed

Posted in Politics on December 18th, 2010

The American EagleIn a 65 to 31 vote, with eight Republicans joining the Democrats, the Senate approved a bill to repeal the legal ban on homosexuals openly serving in the US military. This renders the Clinton era “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” executive order unnecessary and moot.

It’s past fucking time that Congress got something significant right.