Beyond Gaga

New York born pop star Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga is known as both a singer and a pop-culture and style icon of sorts, especially when it comes to hats and other headgear. This might be a natural phenomenon though; she might by born this way. 😉

Indeed, her penchant for bizarre clothing, especially headgear, oft-times made from meat or other unusual materials might be a more comment trait than previously known. Ms. Germanotta isn’t even the most extreme case…

Beyond Gaga - Fresh Octopus Hat?
That “Hat” Is Beyond Gaga

Yep. Ms. Samantha Gardner of Chester, England is beyond Gaga when it comes to hats – but in an oddly delightful way. Then again, I love sashimi, especially tako, so I might not be the most objective viewer. 😉

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