The Revised ObamaCare

By this point everyone has to know that ObamaCare is a failure, it having died a horrible death due to both its intrinsic flaws and its subnormal implementation. Even the Liberals know this, though they’re loath to admit except in the course of blaming Americans for its failure.

What’s interesting, however, is the specific steps that Obama and his handlers have been attempting to revise ObamaCare via various Executive Orders, all of which are only quasi-legal at best.

Revised Obamacare
The Revised ObamaCare

As is the boy’s wont, most of Obama’s revisions to his failed flagship “achievement” have been commits to not enforce various provisions of the law. With no correction or solution in sight, Obama and his overseers seem to seek to delay the actual implementation of ObamaCare until it’s someone else’s problem.

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