Panicdemic Deaths

Unmourned Panicdemic Deaths

I described this man’s unnecessary death as “unmourned” because this atrocity only made the local news; no national outlet seems to have carried it and it was kept from the American public’s consciousness.

It’s fairly horrific that emergency medical personnel would refuse to enter a building to provide lifesaving aid to a man in cardiac arrest due to it “being illegal to do so” under some California state, county, or local law put in place due to the panicdemic. It is mind-bogglingly fucked up that, according to government officials, there are no laws on any books of that nature. But, well more than a year ago, there was guidance issued by the Fire Department that could have been interpreted in that manner.

It makes me wonder how many other people were quietly killed, not by the coronavirus pandemic – those deaths, both real and fraudulent, were eagerly reported upon – but by the Democrat-engendered panicdemic that still surrounds it to this day.

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