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They Sowed The Wind

Posted in Politics, Society on March 26th, 2010

Lady Liberty With Sword Upraised Democrat politicians and their Leftist supporters have been complaining a lot about the anger that the American people have directed at them. They are quite upset – and many are more than a little afraid of – about level of unrest that has occurred in the wake of their using any and every means to inflict the liberty and economy destroying ObamaCare legislation upon Americans.

I have little or no sympathy for them. They have brought this course of events upon themselves.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and their cabal of Liberals running roughshod over the federal government, the Constitution, and the American people were arrogant and foolish. They believed that they could do whatever they liked however they chose to and be safe from reprisal. Like others who believed they same in the past, they were wrong.

They have sowed the wind and so shall they reap the whirlwind.

— British Air Marshal Arthur “Bomber” Harris
May, 1943 – Discussing Operation Gomorrah

I think that it will be, in many ways and in many forms, a bitter harvest for the Democratic Party’s politicians and the various stripes of Leftists who support them. But, alas for them, words and actions have consequences and sometimes the hand of fate is expressed as the clenched fist of man.

How far things will proceed and to what lengths the People will go to vent their anger and exact their retribution upon our foes is unknown. Whatever happens though, the arrogant fools in DC and their supporters deserve whatever they get.

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Hamas Children Shows

Posted in Humor, Politics on March 25th, 2010

All cultures strive to instill a sense of their values and mores in the hearts and minds of their children. One of the ways of doing this is through children’s television shows such as Sesame Street.

Of course the style and content varies a great deal depending upon the culture involved.

funny pictures - Hamas Sesame Street
Hamas Sesame Street

Of course the hard part for Muslim vermin in Hamas is that both the stars and the audience volunteers keep going to pieces each episode.

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Lock And Load

Posted in Politics on March 22nd, 2010

Leslie Fish's New Release of Lock And LoadLock And Load is a fairly old song written by singer, songwriter, and author Leslie Fish. While it was written by her some decades ago, over the years it has become more and more relevant for we, the People of the beleaguered United States of America.

We must remind the arrogant filth in DC that we will make no truce with would-be kings.

Lock and Load, it may well be the new battle anthem of the American people. It may have to be such if any recognizable remnant of our nation is to survive..

Lock And Load

From the first the word was made
our folks shall not be afraid
of men and states
that rule like gods
and all the hell that brings.

Empires rise,
empires fall
we will stand beyond them all
while we keep the memories strong
and make no truce with kings.

Lock and load
aim and fire
before hell rises any higher
ready left and ready right
before the truth goes out of sight.

Still the devil’s scratched the door
whispering as he’s done before
liberties a luxury and this is crisis time
crisis here, crisis there
always trouble brews somewhere
which excuse is hot today?
disaster war or crime?

Lock and load
aim and fire
before hell rises any higher
ready left and ready right
before the truth goes out of sight.

Inch by inch the ivy crawls
over the old restraining walls
law by law the state grows fat
and the ancient rights go down
show me one that isn’t breached
by laws that politicians preached
the old king smiles and sits and waits
and polishes his crown

Lock and load
aim and fire
before hell rises any higher
ready left and ready right
before the truth goes out of sight.

Law by law we grow dismayed –
if we were bribed we’re poorly paid
peace and plenty never came
for all we gave away
while we watched the power grow
we’ve been suckered, now we now
what we bought wasn’t worth the price
the game ends just one way.

Lock and load
aim and fire
before hell rises any higher
ready left and ready right
before the truth goes out of sight.

If this leads into war
that is what this right is for
to take our freedom in our hands
we have no angels’ wings
the gloves are off
the rent’s come due
the lies have failed
we see what’s true
remember what we always knew
and make no truce with kings.

Lock and Load is a song to live by and, if needs be, a song to die by. If America is to prevail in these trying times we must not only make no truce with our would-be kings, but also offer them and their supporters no respite or quarter.

We’ve used the Soap Box and the vermin in DC have ignored our will. In November and in 2012 we will use the Ballot Box. If nothing changes then…

Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down. 😉

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