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A Moral Atheist

Posted in Ethics & Morality, Philosophy, Religion on April 24th, 2009

Atom of Atheism - Unofficial Icon of AtheismIs there such a thing as a moral Atheist? The short answer is no, there truly isn’t nor can there be a truly moral Atheist. The phrase “Moral Atheist” is inherently wrong and impossible at its core.

The term is incorrect, but – despite the rantings of some theist “hardliners” – it is not an oxymoron. It is not an inherently self-contradictory term.

“Moral Atheist” is not linguistically similar to “Jumbo Shrimp,” “Unbiased Opinion,” “Idiot Savant,” or “Civil War.” It would require that Atheists be inherently immoral – a direct contradiction – for the phrase “Moral Atheist” to be an oxymoron. Such is not categorically the case with Atheists.

Atheists can be quite ethical; their behaviors may even fall into line with those set forth by moral codes. But such things do not make the Atheist a moral individual. Ethics stem from within the individual and, lacking any religion or belief in a higher authority than Man, Atheists lack the capacity for morality though at times their actions and beliefs can, and very often do, coincide with those of moral people. Any intersection between Atheists’ ethics and morality is largely either coincidental or based upon purely pragmatic concerns.

Please note that the above statement does not hold true for Buddhists. They have faith in a divine cosmos with Right and Wrong, but do not believe in a manifest Divine Presence.

Aside from the Buddhists though, if you show me an Atheist is believes in Right & Wrong beyond personal preference or cultural dictates, I’ll show you a person who – in the stillness of the night with no sounds save the beating of their pulse into their pillow – is an Agnostic. 😉

Atheists can only derive sanction or prohibition for their actions from within themselves and/or from the dictates of the society and culture that they live within. That – despite the ranting of Atheist and Anti-Theist “hardliners” – is not morality, not in any true or absolute sense of the word.

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Code Talkers

Posted in Humor, Technology on April 24th, 2009

In the ongoing war against against identity theft, information loss, and digital espionage, sometimes you have to go “old school.”

Aside from the geek humor that I love so dearly, this cartoon by XKCD is very unusual in that it actually uses the correct words instead of gibberish.

  • A’la’ih is the phonetic spelling of Diné bizaad (the Navajo Language) word for the numeral one
  • Do’neh’lini is the Diné bizaad word for neutral, but could be used as zero since the Navajo do not have that numeral in their language

Of both both of the above are rough approximations since the Navajo language, Diné bizaad, maps very poorly onto English orthography. It maps even more poorly than Gaelic (Gaeilge) does.

Durban II Derailed

Posted in Politics on April 19th, 2009

Dutch Bombhead Muhammad The United Nations’ 2009 World Conference For Racism aka the Durban Review Conference For The Creation Of The Caliphate is scheduled for 20th – 24th of April 2009 at the UN headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. While members of the OIC will be in attendance, it seems that much of the Civilized World has decided that submission to the subhuman will of these creatures is ill-advised and contrary to the goals of humanity.

A number of civilized, freedom loving nations, non-Muslim nations, have chosen not to lend even tacit support to the abomination of the Durban Review Conference attending it.

  • Canada will not attend
  • Israel will not attend
  • America will not attend
  • Italy will not attend
  • Sweden will not attend
  • Australia will not attend
  • The Netherlands will not attend

Other right thinking nations – and the meta-state of the European Union – are also carefully weighing the effects of lending their presence to such an inhuman abomination. Most of them strongly lean towards boycotting the filthy Islamist affront, but are concerned both about undercutting the remaining relevance of the United Nations and the possibility of violent reprisals from their own Muslim immigrant populations.

Ignoring for a moment the uselessness of the United Nations and their continued appeasement of subhuman pseudo-states, with this many Islamist filth in Geneva at one time how will they ever rid their once fine city of the reek?

As far as I’m concerned the disease ridden vermin can spout whatever subhuman drivel that the ywish to. While their poor apin of human speech and the sniveling of their Dhimmi slaves might be offensive, it’s hardly troublesome. If they actually try to impose their will on myslef or the rest of humanity, I’ll do my well-trained best to exterminate the lot them unto the last misborn bastard offspring.  Until that time let them jabber as much they want to.

Bust Yo Bubble

Posted in Politics on April 19th, 2009

Obama: Redistributor-in-Chief President Obama and his Liberal / Socialist coterie have some “interesting” plans for America’s economic recovery. Those plans  involve ridding America of the one thing that this breed of creature feels is the greatest threat to their vision for this this nation – the Free Market.

Capitalizing on the class warfare they helped to grow during the “bust” of the real estate “bubble,” these Liberals, led by America’s own version of Che Guevara, Barack Obama, are planning to make sure that future economic growth is strictly controlled.

According to their own pet economists, the Liberals plan to search for any areas of rapid growth in the US economy and use any means at their disposal to stifle them so as to ensure that they do not impede the “new economy.”

From Politco:

As he battles the economic downturn, President Barack Obama is bracing Americans for a recovery different than any in recent memory – not a go-go return to prosperity like the 1990s but a slow, steady climb to stability.

“We know that an economy built on reckless speculation, inflated home prices and maxed-out credit cards does not create lasting wealth. It creates the illusion of prosperity, and it’s endangered us all,” Obama said recently.

But what Obama rarely says about ending the “cycle of bubble and bust” is this: He’s prepared to intervene to make sure that kind of red-hot growth doesn’t occur.

And he’s willing to do it with added government regulation if needed to prevent any one sector of the economy from getting out of balance – the way the dot-com boom did in the 1990s and the real-estate market did earlier this decade.

According to Austan Goolsbee, a key Obama economic adviser, the president plans to focus on stopping bubbles along with preventing busts. And in an interview with POLITICO, Goolsbee said the administration will be on the lookout for new bubbles, like the tech stocks or housing prices.

If new threats are spotted, he said Obama would use “regulatory oversight to prevent guys who want to make a quick buck from doing real harm to the economy. … That is what it means to get out of the bubble-and-bust cycle.”

It’s a controversial and largely untested idea – one that involves government intervention in the economy to a degree that recent presidents have been unwilling or unable to impose. There would be great political risks for Obama, particularly after the depths of this painful recession, and it would open him up to criticism that he is trying to squelch the free market.

Obama has mainstream support for his position, including from Mark Zandi, an oft-quoted economist at Moody’s who advised John McCain during the 2008 campaign. But Zandi said there’s not much an administration can do in practical terms to burst a developing bubble. The best way to cool things down is raising interest rates, which is the purview of the Federal Reserve. Another option would be for regulators to order banks to curtail lending to buyers of certain kinds of assets.

Staff Writer, The Politico, April 18, 2009

That’s right – these filth plan on keeping a close watch on the American economy – an economy that they have taken extra-judicial steps to gain direct control over – in order to watch for the “threats” posed by supply and demand economics. They plan to quash any rapid recovery or growth that they find.

The title of this post, “Bust Yo Bubblesums it up. Obama and his cabal are to America what Ebonics is to English – a sickening mockery arising from antisocial sentiments and gross ignorance.

Understand that this makes sense from Obama and his Liberals’ point of view; the Free Market creates wealth for those that are diligent, intelligent, and responsible enough to take advantage of it. It doesn’t work so well for the Liberals’ constituency or for their dreams of an egalitarian state where all are supported from cradle to grave by the government.

Resist Obama! Resist Socialism! Resist Treason!Use the Federal Reserve to stifle the economy and prevent any rapid creation of wealth or recovery. Does this sound like a good idea, an American idea?

Tell the banks – which the Liberals are trying to nationalize – to whom the may lend to, for what purposes, and in what amount. Does this sound like a good idea, an American idea?

Possibly use confiscatory taxes and/or windfall profits taxes to ensure that there is little or no point in seeking to maximize returns.  Does this sound like a good idea, an American idea?

Such plans as these, the Leftist politicians who advocate them, and what passes for the people who support those politicans, must not be tolerated any longer within our nation. Americans must resist this slide into the long dark of Liberals’ fantasy of a state-run society that geared not to create wealth,   rather to redistribute what little wealth there is allowed to be from those who earned it to those that stretch their grasping, parasitical hands out for it.

Pirates And Math

Posted in Humor, Politics, Society on April 17th, 2009

When it comes to dealing with animals that are preying on shipping off the coast of Somalia in Africa it seems that people from the Civilized World are showing the critical flaws in their countries’ educational system. They fail to understand the basic drives of the predator and/or the scavenger, and are pathetically bad at basic arithmetic as well.

Pirate & Math - It's a simple equation
1 Pirate + 1 Bullet = 1 Less Pirate

Come on people! Even if you can’t get a grasp on the idea of shifting the Risk vs. Reward equation so that it is no longer weighted in favor of the Somali pirates, you should be able to handle a bit of basic math. 😉