2010: A Searching Review

Since this is the beginning of a new year – per the Gregorian calendar – I decided it would be interesting to see what were the most common search terms that brought readers to Reflections From A Murky Pond over the course of 2010.

In many ways I’d have to say that the results, while somewhat expected, were rather discouraging.

The Top 25 search terms used during 2010 by people to reach this blog during 2010 were:

pole dancer 7,252
pole dancers 6,839
mexican drug war 2,227
orgasm 1,910
marisol valles garcia 1,875
aylar lie 1,863
carrie prejean 1,645
mexican drug cartels 1,206
complete lives system 958
miss california 786
marisol valles 646
memorial day 584
split tail 548
cunniligus 498
jamaican curry powder 480
dokhtar 477
mexico drug war 474
asiatic 392
fine ass 391
hawaii health care failure 363
mexican cartels 348
marisol valles garcía 323
lower back tattoos 309
executions 305
mexican drug war photos 301

This matches up well statistically with the fact that the top 2 posts – Support The Arts (NSFW) and Denying Atzlan (NSFW) – respectively accounted for 18,484 and 11,714 of the 152,089 page views that Reflections From A Murky Pond got last year. The blog’s home page accounted for another 28,430 views.

Oh well. I suppose it doesn’t really matter what brings the readers here. What matters is that they read what they find.

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